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2003 - 2009

"Just wanted to say I'm most impressed with the new Windows 2008 and SQL Server 2008 setup! Thanks and seasons greetings."
- P. Jones

"I’m going into my second year of using and have been very happy with the service. There are a lot of online tools to make administrating your site possible, plus they are big MS partners and are always up on the latest releases."
- A. Kinney

"DiscountASP.NET for me too. Best for the money, they support SQL Server and the tools are all there."
- DiverKas

"We really proud to say your server is one of the best server in the industry."
- R. Anbu

"So, I'm happy that the deployment worked well. Many thanks to the folks at DiscountASP.NET for providing us all with the nice free sandbox account."
- Polybius

"Thank you! This is why I use DiscountASP.NET hosting: Your knowledge and service. Thank you again for your assistance, patience and outstanding services."
- S. Titus

"hi - this is just a word of thanks re: your service to say that i am well impressed. great and responsive customer support and tools. really very good."
- G. Waring

"Thank you for the prompt response and the information, I will do as you suggest. PS. Your hosting is superb - I did not know what I was missing, until I switched to your company. Thank you for your excellent service!"
- M. Buresh

"This is not a ticket but I just want to say that your site and service is outstanding! I've been building web sites for more than 10 years and you guys are the best service provider, by far, that I've used. Your service, reporting, and data mining features and support are amazing! Please pass this on to your management. Happy Thanksgiving!"
- J. Wyles

"I really REALLY appreciate your rapid response. I'm actually gobsmacked that I can receive two spot on answers within minutes of me asking. Bravo!"
- J. Randle

"Thank you for the oportunity to experiment here [with free ASP.NET 4.0 Hosting Sandbox]. I have a few accounts here already, for myself and for clients, and will be switching more as clients' accounts as they expire at other ISPs."
- PaoloTCS

"I finally signed up for DiscountASP.NET! They seem to be the one of the best Windows 2008 / ASP.NET hosting out there."
- G. Guerini

"I am super happy with Service is great and cost is very affordable."
- L. Bugnion

"Great, thanks guys. All seems to be working. Your help and prompt responses are much appreciated."
- A. Clark

"So glad to be here... just moved over from another hosting company that is in technical meltdown - and so far DiscountASP.Net has been excellent. Great service, simple control panel - data transfer rates are very good too... The sites I've moved over here to Discount ASP.Net are performing great. You guys run a great setup."
- abouch

"As a web developer, i am glad to go with someone who knows hosting. works great with the sitefinity cms we use and the database backup tool is handy. the only one time i needed to contact the support was answered quickly and professionally."
- E. Chau

"that worked!!!! :-))))))))))))) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! By the way, this was my first support call and I have to say that your support is pretty awesome. The speed in which this was handled was quite impressive. :-)"
- M. Kloberg

"I am really happy to have the WebMenu and WebBar components in my design arsenal. It steps me up a notch, in the presentation layer. I just renewed my yearly Hosting account. I am very pleased with the service and support of DiscountASP.NET. It is allowing me to grow as an Application Developer. Thanks Again for your Help."
- J. Hurys

"The issue seems to be that GoDaddy blocks the ports/sockets/whatever necessary for your site to communicate with others. How'd I fix it? I cancelled my GoDaddy service with a full refund and purchased a year of hosting from DiscountASP.NET. Was up and running in an hour and, OMG, everything worked the very first time! IT WAS MY PROBLEM, I WAS HOSTED ON GODADDY!"
- M. Williamson

"Thanks so much for your immediate response! You guys at DiscountASP.NET rock!"
- M. Jong

"DiscountASP.NET rocks - these guys get customer service - don't even think of using another provider "
- S. Harbar

"Pleased to endorse DiscountASP.NET as our web host. Up and running quickly within a reasonable budget!"
- via twitter @Viternus

"We were hosted elsewhere, and were tired of having slow service, when we got it, and no direct access to our SQL database. We browsed, we compared, we found you. Price alone was an inducement. Clarity of pricing and simplicity added to the charm. Concentration on .NET was very welcome. Having direct access to SQL Server was a gigantic draw. Reporting Services. IIS 7. Probably other stuff we don't know enough to appreciate yet. Making backups as zips and easy transfer down. AND up, AND restoring from the backup!? Yes! Add to that customer service that has answered promptly, clearly, effectively, and politely. If it's not too late, I'll stop before I just sound like a shill for you. We switched happily. We have been nothing but happier week by week. Did I mention not a second of downtime that I'm aware of in a month? Huge hug for a job very well done."
- R. Wannall

"I've had services with DiscountASP.NET for about 4 months now. Over the last 4 months my web site has been up consistently. I always receive my weekly site usage reports on time and email and database functionality/connectivity is always good... When I was setting up my account, I contacted support with several issues and they always responded promptly and my site was set up without a headache. It should be said the issues I was contacting support about were not run of the mill issues. I was inquiring into things like an encrypted database connection from my web apps on their hosting server to their database server, for example. Which, unfortunately they don't support that and hopefully they will soon. I've used several hosts before such as 1&1, Host Gator and several little known hosts found through Google but DiscountASP.NET definitely seems like the most stable of them yet."
- M. Hoagland

"very excellent quality, service and value."
- R. Watts

"I'm using Oxite on DiscountASP.NET and it's working well."
- E. Porter

"thanks for your great service over the last few years."
- ClimbFind

"I just wanted to say that I am very satisfied with your service and I am glad that I switched from Network Solutions to you. You guys take the fear out of upgrading from Apache and PHP to Microsoft IIS and .NET. That's right, I said "upgrade". This is a FAR superior system if you are doing business. My customer satisfaction is running at 100% now that I can provide immediate access to their downloads. No more bottlenecks at the host server causing slow download speeds! Cheap bandwidth, rock-solid reliability, great support staff - what more could you want? The support staff are not the usual monkeys, in fact, they've got some rockstars on their terminals. My former host constantly sent annoying emails trying to get me to "upgrade" my account, making me wonder what was wrong with it in the first place. Keep up the good work."
- J. Murphy

"I went with DiscountASP.NET. It was great. It took me around 2 hours to setup the whole web site and database backend and the site works great. Thanks for your help."
- JB

"I have personally used the hosting services provided by DiscountASP.NET and can say that I have had a great experience so far. The response from customer service and support has been fast and friendly"
- K. Kusznir

"In my experience, DiscountASP.NET is one of the best shared providers"
- T. Anglin

"Been testing - excellent hosting so far."
- S. Moelants

"Having fun adding affiliates this morning. I love programs. They rock!"
- M. Talbot

"Thank you. I will not hesitate to recommend others to I have found their services very reliable."
- M. Reinhart

"Thank you very much for the quality of your work. Bravo for the quality of your customer relationships."
- J. Puisais

"just got to say, DiscountASP.NET is the greatest host provider, easy to use, very flexible, good pricing"
- N. Coad

"been with DiscountASP.NET for about 1 month, so far quite pleased with them & their support seem responsive & helpful too"
- A. Savage

"I recently made a decision based on cost to switch from DiscountASP.NET to godaddy and now I'm regretting it. Godaddy is in fact cheaper (not by much), but the quality of the content and ads on their website is making it more and more difficult to recommend it to others, and it's annoying to be shown what is essentially 'pornography' each time I log in to manage my account. Anyway, I'm wanting to switch EVERYTHING back to DiscountASP.NET... I just wanted to send along a quick thank you to you guys, your service is excellent, I appreciate your website's professional image and I'm sorry I left! Thank you"
- J. Beagley

"My site is hosted on, never had any trouble with it. I particularly like how quickly they support new technology. You never need to wait long if you want to play with the latest version of .Net or SQL Server."
- S. Groot

"I really like this hosting. I even bought a credit card in order to be able to buy my web space there. They offer 1 Gb webspace and you are able to use all the new technologies like Asp.Net 3.5 SP1 ans Silverlight. The Service is also very good, I only had a question ones, and they answered in about 15 minutes."
- P. Klitzke

"Somehow I never realised that my host has servers in Europe - they have servers in Europe (London I believe), and I’ve just signed up for one. The transfer is already done and took about an hour to complete. So now I have IIS7 running in London, and its fast!"
- D. White

"Your information allowed me to resolve the last problem I was facing with my site. I want to thank you for the excellent job. By knocking this one out you are allowing me to port 15 additonal customer which I will be moving in the next couple of days. Once again thank you for your help."
- Alex

"Notre site connaissait certains problèmes. Nous avons signalé les faits et l'équipe de DiscountASP.NET nous à apporté une solution très rapidement. La communication avec l'équipe technique fut très bonne et constructive Nous n'avons plus de problèmes ! Merci à DiscountASP.NET pour son écoute et sa rapidité d'intervention. Très bon service!"
- J. Puisais

"I have a number of accounts with DiscountASP.NET and they really *are* superb."
- John CC

"My site on DiscountASP.NET hasn't been down in a year+ due to DiscountASP.NET (though I broke it a few times momentarily)."
- D. Ward

"DiscountASP.NET hosting rocks!"
- J. Senior

"If you are looking for awesome web hosting, DiscountASP.NET is what we recommend to all our clients."
- A.M Shaffer

"Thanks! I could have not done without your help! I'm glad I chose DISCONTASP.NET. Keep up the good work."
- icedeocampo

"There are some great people working [at DiscountASP.NET], have been much help."
- G. Sinkowitz

"These guys are great. Support experience was by far the best I have had with ANY hosting company. The tools they have for their customers to use are great (check the SQL Server .bak tool etc...) Thanks."
- J. Lynch

"Switched my website hosting back to DiscountASP.NET from GoDaddy. All the headache is gone.."
- J. Erickson

"WOW! That was easy! I cannot believe how much easier it was installing umbraco on than on my own XP Pro machine. Thanks a million for the instructions!"
- L. Diffie

"We love the hosting service and all the features and have been extremely happy with everything... speed, service, database hosting, support response, and email features... Especially the ability to have the ability to host multiple projects on the same hosting package.. which we were not able to do on our former host Network Solutions... without jumping through hoops and merging web.config files for seperate projects. Keep up the great work!"
- B. Seidler

"DiscountASP.NET is the best hosting company that I have found for .NET applications. They provide many SQL tools that make it easy to remotely manage your sql database directly from your computer that other hosting companies like GoDaddy do not."
- W. Harvey

"Loving your service so far. Being able to use the Remote IIS Manager is awesome! I'll be sure to send some referrals your way."
- T. Johansen

"I've had good luck with Used them for years. Positive experience so far."
- P. Lanoie

"Exceptional customer service. I was with them for almost two years and needed help from their support at least 10-15 times. Each time I received a prompt and intelligent response."
- S. Smychkovich

"You guys have been great! I hope you continue to provide shared hosting for a long time."
- G. Bortosky

"Just to let you know that I have now fixed the issue thanks to you guys. I must say I am very impressed with your service overall!"
- L. Anderson

"Thanks for the quick email. My wife is just shaking her head, and smiling. She's been used to me walking around the house grumbling and waiting for weeks before my previous service would answer. And has been issuing "Yes dear" when I said why I 'needed' to move my site! I'm so used to having a bag full of restrictions shoved at me everytime I started doing anything with ASP.NET and the express packages, that I just can't stop smiling with the ease of setup at DiscountASP.NET. Couple that with the good videos from your partner LearnVisualStudio,net and I'm a happy retired old fart again. Thanks again, and looking forward to good times with your firm."
- F. Allen

"Thank you very much for being very helpful, professional in your reply & follow up, and friendly in your response. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work :)"
- A. AbdelHadi

"Their technical Response and Response time for the Website is great. They answered all the problems with installing a huge Website and Database on time and accurately."
- R. Camrass

"You can host MVC apps on DiscountASP.NET. I've found them to have excellent bang for the buck."
- D. Ward

"Just finished the migration and everything is working perfectly! I am not able to reproduce the problem anymore. You guys rock! Thanks so much for being able to quickly identify the problem for me because once I knew what the problem was, it was easy for me to modify the code and migrate to the Windows 2008 machine to resolve the issue. I'm a happy customer!"
- A. Baruh

"Thank you for the blisteringly fast reply and clear-cut and concise explanation and answer to my question. Seriously, 10/10 for that!"
- R. McSharry

"If you need robust ASP.NET hosting, DiscountASP.NET has served me very well."
- E. Thompson

"Your site offers way more control and features than where I was. This is really cool! I already love it."
- K. Bennett

"We've been hosting a demo site on DiscountASP.NET for about a year now, and have never had any problems. The 'up-time' is great... They have full features, and it works! Support has never been an issue, and is frankly rarely required."
- Colleen W.

"I've been running my blog and website with DiscountASP.NET for the last 3 years and never had an incident. They offer ASP.NET 3.5 hosting and usually offer options to test beta versions of ASP.NET or SQL Server as well, which is something I like."
- M. Blomsma

"I'm using a shared hosting environment from DiscountASP.NET for [my] blog, and it has worked great."
- R. Widha

"Just got brilliant tech support for a PHP app from DiscountASP.NET even though they specialise in ASP.NET. Great service DiscountASP.NET."
- M. Smithers

"awesome that you guys are on twitter now. Love the service! "
- J. Erickson

"I have several hosting accounts with DiscountASP.NET. Every .NET & Silverlight App I have built - they were able to support it!"
- J. Silvestri

"Exceptional customer service. I was with them for almost two years and needed help from their support at least 10-15 times. Each time I received a prompt and intelligent response."
- S. Smychkovich

"I've always had great support from them and my site is always online. Never any problems at all and I host a few different sites on their servers for the last year."
- Paul M.

"These guys are great. I highly recommend them."
- Paula

"Thanks for your prompt reply. I already host 2 sites with yourselves and have always been impressed by your prompt response and excellent service."
- J. Hillyer

"In a world of changing technology, when we look for places to put our apps, we're probably looking for people who are on the cutting edge of the frameworks as well. i want to draw your attention to why? well, for one their feature set rocks. but there is another reason why i like they support our communities well. through my involvement with user groups over the past 12 or so years, there are many vendors that really support communities well, and these guys are one of them. in the past they've provided community organizations a free hosting account to get going and build their communities. i think this level of commitment to building and supporting a broad developer ecosystem is great."
- T. Hueur

"Thank you for the excellent service you have provided during the four years i have been with you! Amazing & quick support at a very reasonable cost."
- S. Patel

"DiscountASP.NET is doing an incredible job of keeping us up to date with hosting issues. 4TW!"
- D. White

"Great to see how you are expanding your presence. Love your service."
- D. Garcia

"You guys KICK ASS!! I had been experiencing all manner of problems with my hoster of many years over the last few months since they performed a "platform upgrade", which was a total disaster. Seemingly they just don't understand how IIS works. To make it worse the level of support was appalling both in response times, total indifference to my problems and the deeply unprofessional nature of their staff. So based on a recommendation I moved the site a couple days back to DiscountASP.NET. Everything went incredibly smoothly, with your systems provisioning my services with great speed. And the response time from your support was incredible. With a great price and all the features I need plus more. Thanks for the excellent service so far. Have a great 2009!"
- S. Harbar

"We were having response issues in the UK with our site hosted on the US data center. DiscountASP.NET recommended migrating to the EU data center. Now our Customers in the UK have improved response time and the US has not suffered. I'd like to thank the DiscountASP.NET support team for migrating our web site, database and SSL certificate all over New Years Eve without any issues."
- K. Mepani

"Once again DiscountASP.NET customer service, from technician to accountant is the best I've ever dealt with. I greatly appreciate your assistance. You should tell your boss that I authorize you to take the rest of the day off :) Have a great day."
- J. Thomas

"DiscountASP.NET has made my life more relaxed. Since I've put my software on their infrastructure, everything simply keeps on working... DiscountASP.NET is worth a big recommendation! "
- P. Huizer

"I've been more than happy with been with them for over a year."
- A. Westgarth

"Thank you to the support team for making our migration to the London data center so efficient and pain free. Both our London and US Customers are reporting an improvement in perfromance."
- K. Mepani

"They offer Windows Server 2008, .NET 3.5 and SQL Server 2008. As well as SQL Server 2005 and Silverlight hosting. Very good host. I've had my blog hosted with them for about 5 years now without any real issues at all."
- C. Pietschmann

"I'm very happy with DiscountASP.NET. They've been my host for years."
- A. Ridlehoover

"Its working fine and I already booked one more website with you! Thanks a ton, this has been great."
- PhilipL

"That fixed it... I can't tell you how glad I am to have brought most of my clients over to your company. The service is awesome, and the control panel makes it possible for me to ask for service rarely. Thank you very much for all your help."
- D. Corby

"Thanks for being a great partner, DiscountASP.NET!"
- Bill Staples, Microsoft IIS7 Group Program Manager

"We'd like to thank DiscountASP.NET for their support of .NET Valley and TECHbash 2008. DiscountASP.NET has become a Gold sponsor of TECHbash 2008 and has provided our user group with IIS 7 hosting for Without their wonderful sales and support team, we would never be able to accomodate our current needs. Thanks again DiscountASP.NET and keep up the good work!"
- Jason Gaylord, .NET Valley President

"We needed a web host which could ensure a fast and secure environment for our applications and online demos. DiscountASP.NET fit our requirements and we trust them to host our sites, XIGLA.COM and XIGLA.TV. We recommend DiscountASP.NET to anyone in need of affordable yet powerful hosting services for our .NET products."
- Juan Arbelaez, CEO, XIGLA SOFTWARE

"I just wanted to let you folks know that, after way too much time, I finally buckled down and got [my] site migrated from my lame old servers to DiscountASP.NET. This was really easy to do, everything just made sense thanks to the layout of information on your site, etc... You guys rock!"
- S. Seely

"I'm impressed with the set of ASP.NET/MS SQL features of their web host plans... These folks are doing great job... That's my experience and my opinion."
- SergeyS

"This was a very informative email. It reaffirms my decision in using DiscountASP.NET as my hosting provider. I can now forward this email to my customers so that they have some idea as to what the problem was. Thank you for being a great company!"
- S. Wickham

"Thanks so much for your quick response... You all are a class act. Have a great Christmas."
- B. McCool

"DiscountASP.NET is the best host I've ever had. Never before did I have this kind of quick and expert support. I'd pay much more for this."
- G. Kasselakis

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"I have to admit that I tried using GoDaddy’s Windows hosting solution for a .net website because they were so cheap. Well, cheap and unusable is exactly what they were. After two days of insanity, I couldn’t get my very very simple website working. I changed my nameservers and got my hosting through you, loaded my files and BAM, a working website. Thank you so much! I have four sites with you guys, and I couldn’t be happier. "
- R. Stewart

"DiscountASP.NET is awesome"
- J. Nguyen

"Hello all, i would like to personally thank you, i have spent 3 days, and scoured dozens of forums looking for a solution to my problem. I am in the process of moving a website on 2000 server, to a VMbox using 2003, and the site is an old ASP site that i took over only 6 months ago. Naturally half the website broke and i have been repairing it piece by piece. Your posts above have saved me many more hours of hassles as i was about to rewrite the entire set of pages. I would like to Thank each and every one of you, THANK YOU!!"
- jbos (from our community forum)

"Thank you for your very quick response message. I'm impressed with your support qualities. Keep up the good work!"
- R. Veldhuis

"I'm very happy with DiscountASP.NET. They've been my host for years."
- A. Ridlehoover

"I used it for my personal domain, for couple of clients and now for my new startup. All is shared hosted. I have opened couple of tickets over time, and was generally satisfied. Was long ago, so sorry I don't recall specifics. I use FTP all the time and it is fast enough. I do stuff in control panel, define web applications etc, and it is responsive and logicaly organized. One thing that I value is quick adaptation of new Microsoft technologies. I am on the bleading edge and need the latest stuff. Another strength is site layout. I tried one even cheaper hosting at a company where I regsitered my domain and was very disappointed by their web site organization. I could hardly find the way to control panel, through pile of advertising and different other services. DiscountASP.NET focuses on hosting and is modest in their attempts to cross and up sell. I experienced outages, like everyone else commented, but with Amazon down twice this year what you can expect? Nobody is 99999. DiscountASP.NET was IMHO well within the reasonably dependent service definition. Suffice to say my application breaks so much more then the hoster, that it will take me time when DiscountASP.NET becomes the reliability bottleneck. Overall I do recommend it. It took me time to sift through enough hosters to find them. Hope I help you save time :)"
- M. Kariv

"We have few accounts for few years. These guys always keep up to date with system and e-mail upgrades while not reducing level of quality and quick support."
- Z. Canada

"I've used your services for a few years now and love what DiscountASP.NET has to offer."
- D. White

"I wasn't an early adopter of DiscountASP.NET, but in the past few months I've had absolutely no complaints. I'm an aspiring ASP.NET developer, and hosting isn't cheap to come by these days-- its very refreshing to have a host like you guys around."
- Danny G.

"DiscountASP.NET's control panel is still the best I've seen."
- D. Donaldson

"I would just like to say a big thank you to DiscountASP.NET for their fantastic service and always very helpful attitude. I have tried lots of hosting companies but know I can always rely on DiscountASP.NET to provide fast, top quality hosting, service and advice. They have always gone out of their way to help. The best by far."
- A. Hartigan

"I have to say that I love how smooth everything went so far (from ordering the web space to the installation of dotnetnuke). I have worked with an other hosting company before and pretty much nothing worked well there. Keep up the good work!"
- Stephan H.

"I have a personal site with DiscountASP.NET that I relocated from Readyhosting earlier this year to test the water and play around with DNN, and my site hasn't been down at all!! So I decided to migrate my business site this past week from readyhosting to DiscountASP.NET and I'm amazed at how much faster the application functions!!! Their support seems to great as well!! I LOVE DISCOUNTASP.NET!!!!"
- T. Thomas

"Thank you again for all of your help. You really went above and beyond to assist me and I greatly appreciate that."
- S. Terrell

"Thank you for all your help. My website is up and running now... I become very familiar with your site, and let me tell you that YOU GUYS ROCK.. it was a good choice... THANK YOU... Your mail behave much like Exchange 2007 and your Win 2008 server with II7 works as it should. I feel very happy that I chose you guys, and that I have a hosting service that is very simple and logical to use, but at the same time incredibly powerful and a well designed datacenter for the hosting infrastructure."
- O. F. Agreda

"DiscountASP.NET is the best hosting service I've ever tried over the WEB and I recommend it to all my friends and Colleagues. I've seen nothing except a proffesional corporate and world class customer service."
- B. Thabet

"I suppose you don't get many kudos in this area, but I have to compliment you for great service, and I'm sure glad to have my site over here. Since moving [my site] to your server, my spam Emil had dropped from 200-300 per day to less than 20-30. I use windows live mail which filters spam for me, and it used to take in the range of 10 minutes to get all the mail in the morning. Now in 2-3 minutes I'm able to get the work done. Many thanks for this - It's still a shock though to not have all the spam coming in."
- D. Corby

"I really appreciate your help and attention, always the best service in DiscountASP.NET. I solved all the inconvinients and the mail server is working perfectly at this moment.... I am a very big evangelist of your company! Actually I have your logos published on the clients section in my company's webpage. I have 5 or 6 registered accounts with you and I have never have a problem, I'm very happy with your service..."
- E. Paez

"For what it is worth, your company is one of the only companies that gets it right every time. Your service works properly, you have added features when I requested them in the past, your support team answers fast, etc. I think a lot of companies could learn from your level of service."
- T. Sweet

DiscountASP.NET: Web Hosting Provider Enables Unprecedented Access to Services, Wows Customers

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"They have been an absolute joy to deal with it. You get great control over most things and the tech support turn around is to die for."
- L. Phillips

"DiscountASP.NET is really focused on the ASP.NET developer audience and not only have I found their service to be solid and reliable and their support is outstanding."
- S. Trefethen

"I'm very impressed with you guys - and your services - and this is just the first day!"
- W. Fair

"Just a quick note to say thanks for the flawless email migration. Everything went very smooth and my users love the new SmarterMail. So well done to all involved!"
- R. Anderson

"Wow, thanks for the prompt reply. I am impressed."
- NightOwl

"If you are looking for a web host that specifically provides the service that you want, then DiscountASP.NET should be the first to look at. It targets a narrow market, thus allowing a wider scope of service that includes all compatible windows compatible scripts. It targets people who choose windows as their hosting server and therefore it is able to fully support their clients..... One of the things that I personally hate about web hosting companies is that most of them wear an image that they can do all, and provide all. They will tell you that they can handle all types of server hosting possible. Now you don’t need to be a genius to know that is too good to be true. Not only that they will make you believe that they can give the perfect service no matter what kind of hosting you need..... DiscountASP.NET focuses only on providing windows based hosting, the ASP.NET. They have the latest system in windows server hosting as well as its specialized sub-services. And because DiscountASP.NET only allows windows server, you are guaranteed that their full system resources will always be dedicated in maintaining the server that you, as a client is in..... Their servers are secured in California, United States, and they don’t hide that. They are not in some small town of an unknown country..... Aside from the many awards that has received, this service provider also boasts a long trail of positive feedbacks about their service. Reading through that will tell you that these are real statements from real satisfied customers, and not just a feeble attempt to market itself..... They also offer discounts and 30-day money back guarantee to their customers. Now that is something that is hard to refuse. How can you say no to a solution where you are the clear winner? Over-all I’ll give DiscountASP.NET an unquestionable five over five."
- Web Hosting Columns Review Excerpts

"DiscountASP.NET is certainly the best in my opinion in ISPs... The tools you get with it virtually brings you closer to a real-life work environment as you can expect as far as tools & support with a cheap ISP. Their UI for managing your SQL Server databases is just excellent. Most ISPs don’t give you jack. I can backup my DB, restore it myself and this is not even a dedicated server! There is support for most all .NET tools and most all new betas here (again, this exceeds my expectations) and I have never had a problem with these guys even though support is through email. You get quick responses from their support group and definitely are notified of downtime or planned outages. They have been rated one of the best in several magazines and online resources. I have 3 accounts with them for 3 of my sites and I don't think I've ever had any downtime."
- D. Schinkel

"I would recommend DiscountASP.NET. I have been hosting my clients with them for years and their service is reliable. "
- Iration

"I moved sites to, and so far they work perfectly."
- ReTox

"Many thanks. I've signed up and already have most of my test web site working - I'm HIGHLY impressed with the service you offer.... I would add that I was pretty well at my wits' end, having failed to get the new web site working on my old ISP's Windows web server after trying for nearly a week, even though their server appeared to have all the necessary add-ons. With yours, I was up and running within a couple of hours. Amazing!"
- J. Hall

"Thank you very much for all of your hard work over the last year. We can't say enough wonderful things about your site and service."
- A. Drake

"Support fixed me up. They are really good here. Thanks guys!"
- ColdSun

"I signed up with DiscountASP.NET when my previous provider (1and1) was not able to address the growth I was experiencing with my MS-SQL Database. 1and1 told me that they had no solution for my problem. Since this is a privately funded site, and I am not very technically competent, and there are many different hosting solutions out there I was dreading making the switch. Your tech support people answered my initial questions, quickly and professionally, and even gave me the answers I wanted :) I signed up, and spent quite a bit of time testing the site. I had to make a few changes to the code, but not that many, and your knowledge base, forums and tech support folks were great. I made the cutover a couple of weeks back, and the results have been great. I am no longer having the performance issues I had with 1and1, and have had only a few "gotcha's" with the site. Yesterday is the day that I would officially have run out of space with 1and1. At DiscountASP.NET, the site keeps on running, and I have lot's of room for expansion. So, thanks to everyone at DiscountASP.NET for making what was to me a very major event, into a very minor non-event."
- M. Leroux

"Much appreciated and am very impressed with your services. Your hosting company is one of the best that I found in all my research that would handle what we have designs for. :) So far so good!"

"All I can say is that it makes me extremely happy anytime I see someone take advantage of the platform in such interesting ways. Keep up the good work!"
- From Microsoft IIS Team member: Carlos Aguilar Mares Blog Post

"I have registered my second domain through DiscountASP.NET so far they are excellent for me."
- A. Ghaffar

"DiscountASP.NET is bar none the best Shared Host in the world."
- M. Wisecarver

"Everything is going fine so far, I just have a bunch of setup and testing to do. I really like your program and people so far, I'm glad I found you."
- J. Hunt

"Allowing IIS manager, and documenting it greatly with KB article is top-notch customer service. I am so glad that I went with your company... I found everything I was looking for at DiscountASP.NET, and then even some more. I am very pleased with my decision..."
- B. Saydag

"I use their hosting for 3 different sites I run and they have been excellent in adding new features and maintaining a great price."
- K. Marks

"I have two web spaces with you and must say I am so impressed with the overall performance and service provided by your organization and its employees. Yesterday, I added SQL server to one of them and it was set-up in no time. I have a lot of technical knowledge as an MCSE, and developer and have maintained my own stuff in the past, but now I can concentrate on the sites I am trying to develop and leave all the other stuff to you. Thanks for the great service and knowledgeable employees. I should have done this a lot sooner... I have wasted a lot of time and energy maintaining my own stuff, not to mention the cost!"
- T. Jackson

"Btw, it’s nice to visit a forum for a company where you can consistently read messages that are thankful for such high quality support for a change."
- S. Trefethen

"I have been with this site for the past several years and I my experience has been great. Their support system works great. I am not sure how they compare with others price-wise, but who cares the service is great."
- J. Krishnaswamy

"Wow! That simple! Thanks for all of the support and for really making my day. I'll echo other testimonials in saying that I couldn't believe how quickly I got a response to my initial request for help. It truly is reassuring to know that you back up your product with great customer service and support."
- M. King

"Just wanted to express my appreciation for the wonderful product and service you guys have. I needed to set up DotNetNuke for a client and I needed to be able to easily adjust the IIS settings and also backup and restore the database. This is vital if you need to perform an upgrade safely. Not only is your Control Panel first rate (it does everything), and your SQL tools first rate (allows backup, restore and maintenance), but you have a full Knowledgebase that gives me any answers that I may need. You have a good product when I can do complicated things and not have to call technical support. For complex configurations it’s nice to have a dependable host that knows what it is doing."
- M. Washington

"A big "Well Done!" to the folks over at DiscountASP.NET!"

From Blog Post: Web Hosting Companies adopting IIS 7 - Extending Management Options for users
- Rob Cameron, Microsoft Developer Evangelist

"I am very happy with and have recommended to many."
- M. Reyn

"thx alot guys. thumbs up for one of highest forum service level ever :D "
- ev001

"I have lived through some pretty bad horror stories with other providers. After switching to DiscountASP.NET, I have literally thought I died and went to heaven! As a developer, I have enough to worry about in making my customers happy with their web applications. With my application hosted on DiscountASP.NET, I don't have to worry about the server status, I get a lot of heads up for any maintenance/improvement downtime, and I get great support even on the weekends."
- B. McCool

"... you all are doing a great job in all areas that I see. I have used your support several times and your personnel are great! So, thanks so much for your professionalism in everything you do."
- C. Tardibuono

"I chose DiscountASP.NET and like it :). They have all the features I want."
- M. Borozdin

"Your person did a great job of answering my questions. He gets 10 gold stars. Really."
- Mark S.

"Wow you guys rock... everything is in that control panel. Thanks again!"
- Craig S.

"Thanks so much. I have never experienced such amazingly good service."
- R. Zurer

"Heya, I just wanted to point something which is worthy of great reverence - youe awesome support team which instantly replies and helps me with any issue related to my website and hosting. Thank you people and keep up the great job."
- M. Cotic

"I got it working! I just want to say thanks for your timely responses Jay! This is probably my 5th time installing CS on the back end, which involved setting up my own IIS, and the whole deal, etc..., but this is my first time using a hosting service, I feel better that I chose your organization. You guys rock! "
- C. Toohey

"I've had a very speedy reply from (DiscountASP.NET technical support) who have put me on the right track."
- Mike

"I just switched from Webhost4life, and, man, what a difference. The website just works, period, and I don't have to worry about downtime or overloads."
- V. Berman

"Y'all have been very helpful and it is a very welcome after my experience with 1&1."
- M. J. McCurrey

"Just signed up, and there is alot to like about this host. I really like how you exposed pretty much everything for remote administration, and how you keep on top of the latest and greatest of technology."
- GN

"Dear Technical support, I am writing you this message to thank you for your fast reply. Really you are an excellent Host and offering excellent services. I will ask all my clients to use your excellent service."
- TAE Sayed

"I received your response, thank you so much. I finally found a solution. I appreciate your hosting service and your perfect support team."
- M. Elgohary

"Big up to DiscountASP.NET's support team - excellent turnaround time on support tickets :-).."
- A. Westgarth

"We've been using DiscountASP.NET for a year now. Their support response has always been quick. Their support offerings and features are quite extensive. We use their SSL and SQL services and haven't experienced any major problems so far."
- D. Baker

"Everyting works very well now, thank you. I am glad I signed up with DiscountASP.NET especially because of your expertise in knowing exactly what I need and helping me. Thanks again,"
- G. Stars

"After moving my hosting between several providers, I landed at DiscountASP.NET. I picked them after reading they were the #1 hosting company picked by readers of two tech magazines I read, and they've rated that way for several years in a row."
- geosync

"For me they've always been the best value out there for windows hosting considering their support is top notch and the hosting package provides exactly what I'd need from a windows host."
- Jay

"I'm very pleased with the speed with which my account was migrated to IIS7 on Windows 2008... Excellent turnaround by the whole of the DiscountASP.NET Team - Gold Stars All Round "
- A. Westgarth

"... your services and support are far far better than any of the supposed "business accounts" found at other prominent suppliers. I use DiscountASP.NET as a standard for services and support and happily torture other suppliers by telling them so."
- B. Sumpter

"Hi, we are new subscribers and we've just hosted our new technical site here, on DiscountASP.NET... We planned a couple of weeks to upload and operate our site, but we were wrong... it was a matter of a COUPLE OF HOURS! Immediately account attivation, within a few hours we got SQL add on and connection string, a brief forum consultation, SQL attach data file tool and some web.config tunning, minutes to upload and... incredible... it worked! Also users and roles! Thank's DiscountASP.NET, we made really a good choice!"
- Mapick

"I’ve used DiscountASP.NET for a lot of different projects and I’ve always found their customer service to be excellent... In numerous situations they’ve fixed things or changed configurations, when all I did was inquire about them. And I’m always amazed how fast their response is. So much so that I felt compelled to post a comment ;-)"
- M. Wittemann

"Another reason I'm writing this today is because if you pay attention while surfing around the websites you visit, especially open source .net projects, you'll notice DiscountASP.NET is often providing ad support for these projects as well. For example, you'll notice BlogEngine.Net, SubSonic, and DashCommerce (formerly Commerce Starter Kit) are all also supported by DiscountASP.NET. This kind of support of open source projects should be applauded.... Note: I feel obligated to note that DiscountASP.NET is also one of the advertisers in The Lounge ad network which I run. That being said, I've used DiscountASP.NET for a few years now and I have absolutely no complaints so far. I wouldn't support them if I didn't use them and approve them myself."
- K. Fricovsky

"I can vouch for DiscountASP.NET. I have yet to find another shared ASP.NET web host that is as good as DiscountASP.NET."
- Tessai

"I'm based in the UK and have been with DiscountASP.NET since June 2005. I have been extremely impressed with their service. I own or manage 7 commercial websites and they are all hosted with DiscountASP.NET. What impresses me most is the support. I ask a technical question and usually get a response immediately. With my old host, I usually got several automated replies before a human would tell me it was my fault. The support at DiscountASP.NET have always been extremely helpful which I think is very important for the security of my websites. They also reply 24/7 which is helpful for us in the UK. My main website has over 1 million page views per month. It has had very little downtime - negligible. The control panel is very easy to use and I particularly like to the list of free asp libraries. They are also on top form with upgrading their software and removing software that causes problems. Overall, I would say that DiscountASP.NET is incredibly good value for money."
- R. England

"I'm using DiscountASP.NET for two SubSonic projects right now. They've supported it nicely since I started some 7-8 months. Unlike some other hosting companies, DiscountASP.NET also offers free backup and restore of SQL databases through the [control panel]. It's these little things that do it for me. The service is always up, always fast and they don't nickel-n-dime you. My kind of place."
- Tim M.

"Hi, I submited a ticket with my request... and at lightning speed DiscountASP.NET registered the further domain and set it up as a pointer at my account! Thanks for your help"
- M. Piccinato

"Been with DiscountASP.NET for 4 years...they have never been anything but on the ball and dependable. I have some other sites [with other hosts] mainly to play with. But, I leave anything and everything important on DiscountASP.NET. They have never failed me and they allow me access to everything I need without having to call someone to update an IP address or whatnot. Good to hear they're supporting newest favorite toy!"
- B. Tarrance

"I opened a support ticket with DiscountASP.NET, explaining my situation, and asking for clarification on what I needed to do to change the MX records back to their site so I could restore my email flow. Less than 10 minutes later, I received what I thought was a case-creation confirmation email. But no; oh no; that’s not what it was. It was from my new best friend Cedric, and here’s what it said: 'Your MX record has been reset back to original. Thank you, Cedric' Holy Cow Batman! Cedric would have met my expectations by simply sending me an email with information required for me to reset my MX records to the default values for my account. He exceeded my expectations by actually performing the work himself thereby saving me the trouble. Yet another example of why DiscountASP.NET is my favorite hosting service."
- M. Milam

"This is a very, very thoughtful solution. Thank you for such excellent, consistent support. This is 100% above and beyond and why I send all my friends and clients to host with your company."
- T. Morgan

"Thank you again for your excellent response. It is very comforting to know how much you care for your customers - and get things done for us! I am very grateful. Best Wishes"
- Sophie

"Btw, it’s nice to visit a forum for a company where you can consistently read messages that are thankful for such high quality support for a change."
- S. Trefethen

Jaunary 2008

"Thank you so much! You guys are so quick and great!!"
- S. Butz

"I forgot to mention that as someone who works as a software developer for a living, I have grown accustomed to a certain level of freedom when it comes to configuring an application / database on their respective servers. What I truly value at DiscountASP.NET is the fact that, while we are not in a dedicated server environment, you guys have given the end user a surprising amount of control over their web sites / databases. The Control Panel API is truly valued by those who are familiar with programming, and the SQL 2005 tools, including the ability to attach a previously existing .mdf file and schedule backups is one of the reasons that I have chosen your service"
- D. Frazer - Testimonial #2

"I would personally not even consider looking anywhere else than DiscountASP.NET for web site hosting. As with any other provider, you sometimes experience problems and I take that for granted. It's the reaction to these problems that impresses me. Everyone I have communicated with has demonstrated the highest of work ethic and sincere concern for me as a customer even though I'm only a mere $15 a month or so in revenue. The feature updates are so wide-spread and frequent I can't even keep up with them. The tools are constantly going from great-to-awesome. I know there are cheaper sites out there but I do not think the VALUE could be any better anywhere and I won't even be looking. Thanks for doing a great job. DiscountASP.NET ROCKS !!!!!!"
- J. Ward

"I just wanted to say that I am nothing short of impressed with the service / products that you offer. The support that I have received has not only been thorough and informative, but incredibly timely as well. The SQL Server 2005 hosting, ASP.NET 2.0 / 3.5 hosting, and Intuitive Control Panel / Control Panel API are worth the price alone. And speaking of price, DiscountASP.NET has provided me with the increased functionality that most shared hosting sites can’t provide at a fraction of the cost of a virtual / dedicated server! You guys are doing a great job!!!!!
- D. Frazer - Testimonial #1

"I've had a great experience with DiscountASP.NET. Their support has been responisive and always extremely curteous and helpful. Being a novice at web design, they have been there for me to answer any questions I had. Not to mention, my web site and email has always been up and running. I highly recommend them."
- Anonymous Post

"Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to develop the backup application for SQL 2005 databases!!"
- BrownDog

"I have to give some kudos here. Since transferring my site to DiscountASP.NET, I've experienced improvements on all fronts: Ease of setup, Control panel useability, Site useability (my site runs better, as if DiscountASP.NET is better tuned for ASP.NET apps), Database access and setup is infinitely easier, The knowledge base is a fantastic resource, Forums helpful too, Price:performance and price:features ratios are excellent. real job guys, keep up the good work."
- Prujohn

"I've been running my own dedicated server but picked up a DiscountASP.NET account to experiment with .NET 3.5, another programmer I work with uses them too and is very happy with them."
- J. Bigelow

"I love you. Not only are you are clear about the services you provide, but you publish instructions even a fool could understand. Very refreshing!"
- J. Rodzinski

"It works and things are coming along now ....u guys Rock!!!!! Party on dudes!!"
- R. Briskey

"DiscountASP.NET for me is like a car family, when you get one that is good, you tend to stay with it."
- M. Coelho

"DiscountASP.NET is a top-notch, ASP.NET developer-focused Windows Hosting provider that we are pleased to have had the opportunity to partner with to offer our ASP.NET developers with an advantageous Web hosting solution. The combination of our award-winning products provides ASP.NET developers with a solution that empowers their application development and enhances their deployment experience on the new .NET Framework 2.0 or 1.x."
- G. Eydelsteyn, Managing Director of ComponentOne

"The really good thing about this service is that they are always one step ahead of me, my site uses technologies like wcf and .net ajax and for every problem I've encountered there was already a solution in their KB."
- A. Yarkoni

"We are very glad to inform you that our customer is very happy and the reporting sdervices of sql 2005 can access by our asp web application. Thank you very much for your kind support and assistance. Wish you all team members a very happy & merry Xmas and a prosperous new year 2008."
- F. Sebastian

"You are great, guys!! It worked perfectly! This was everything I was hoping for, from this hosting service... most helpful, thanks!"
- P. Gomes

"Wonderful to deal with, one of the best hosting providers around."
- R. Hamilton

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you for incorporating SPAM filtering with the new SmarterMail system. I used to get hundreds of SPAM a day and now just get a handful, and 90% of them are tagged as SPAM in the subject line. Makes it very easy to delete. Keep up the good work."
- Griff

"The team over at DiscountASP.NET have just launched .net 3.5 hosting platforms in their offerings! That's right, you can host your .net 3.5 web apps with them! ... in addition, they've enabled cardspace integration so you can login to your control panel using one of your personal information cards. pretty cool, i'm going to have to check that out. thanks to DiscountASP.NET for continued support to user group communities as well as being an early adopter hoster so that early adopter developers can benefit!"
- T. Heuer

"DiscountASP.NET is the BEST hosting place on the web. I stand behind you guys 100%!"
- MJ Parker

"Just wanted to say, fantastic service, quick responses to emails. Lovely control panel. Sales staff knew what they were talking about. Despite being in the UK the site loads very quickly and best of all, fantastic prices. Job well done!!"
- C. Evans

"Thank you so much for your quick response. Our site is working smothly now and your hosting feature like AJAX, Enterprise Library are wonderful. I am really satisfied with your hosting services. I begin to love DiscountASP.NET over other hosting company."
- A Levi

"You sure hit a home run with the release of the SQL Backup API. This is just what the doctor ordered for our company. We have multiple databases for our product for which we like to retain our own local copy for backup purposes. Performing this manually would have been very labor intensive, thus very costly. Instead, with just an investment of a few hours of work, we were able to create a program using your API which we have scheduled on one of our in-house servers to do the entire process, including deleting the backup, creating a new one, downloading it and then gathering bandwidth and storage usage statistics. I can’t say enough about how impressed we are with what you offer your customers. Keep up the good work!"
- B. Rubertone

"Firstly that was the quickest response to a support request I have ever had! ... Where hosting sites are 2 a penny these days and support is almost a non existent add-on, it's refreshing to deal with a company that actually delivers what they advertise on their site! ... You have my undying loyalty. :-)"
- E. Nodland

"DiscountASP.NET has proven to be an excellent no non-sense service provider who is constantly providing new tools and technologies in addition to exceptional quick response support. These guys get it..."
- B. Majeed

"Can I just take the opportunity to say thanks for everything so far at DiscountASP.NET. I was with for a few months before I came to you guys, and during that time I was unable to get anything to work - not, or silverlight, or sql server connections, or ajax - even emails were not coming through. Since I've come to you you guys all my testing has worked first time - ASP.NET, Silverlight 1.0 and 1.1 apps, SQL Server and AJAX tests - it's all working perfectly - without one issue. I have no affiliation to anyone, so I hope this feedback counts for something...."
- C. Wright

Even those that are cancelling services have positive feedback: "I would like say that the service offered by DiscountASP.NET is simply amazing. If I had any further plans to upgrade and improve my website then I would rather have my site hosted no where else but here, I will make sure that I mention you guys to anyone that I come across who is looking for a web hosting company, thank you again for everything."
- F. Hermez

"Starting a small business is a lot of work. I have dealt with several companies from phone to electric to internet and NO company had the courtesy to respond quickly and with the correct information. All of that adds up to more time and expense sorting out problems. DiscountASP.NET recoginizes the long-term benefits to all parties of superb service and honest representation. Thanks again for everything! ... My only question now is how did your company train people to be such great service agents. I'm speechless. Thanks for all your help!"
- L. Lewkowski

"DiscountASP.NET is critical to the performance and scalability of the products we offer. With their excellent service I can rest assured that we are offering solid uptime and speed to all of our customers. We've been using DiscountASP.NET from day one and we couldn't be happier with the support and value we receive every day."
- R. Strazzarino

"I have been a customer of DiscountASP.NET for a very long time now and have had excellent service from day one. I recommend your hosting service to both my own clients and friends. The easiest part about building a web application or web site is creating the account with you. :-) Thanks for all the great years and look forward to many more."
- J. Nelson

"I looked at everyone else (pretty much, I do have a life) and found this diamond. hosting doesn't get any better than this. I was trying to get a Dotnetnuke Portal going. Since its open source, DNN limits support to their forums. Editing the config file was very time consuming. Instead of pointing fingers, their support helped me tremendously and QUICKLY. It wasn't DiscountASP.NET's problem, and it was third party software, but they went out of their way to help. They now have a customer for life and are hosting a Fortune 50 company's marketing website as a result."
- Pete

"Awesome! That was the issue. Thanks for the excellent support."
- B. Goff

"DiscountASP.NET is a great service and I recommend all my affiliates who prefer the .Net platform to go with DiscountASP.NET."
- N. Muneshwar

"They've always been reliable when I've used them and everyone I ask who still uses them still raves about the service."
- Jay

"Hey DiscountASP.NET! I have been messing around with GoDaddy to get an SQL database on line and accessed through Web Expression, Visual Studio, SQL management, and everything in between. I've called them, searched their knowledge base, etc. etc. and couldn't get an answer about connection strings, and getting a database connected. I've been working on this, off and on, for months. I bought training sessions, checked out books, ... nothing...... I got the SQL database provisioned through you guys and had it connected within minutes!!!! Now I want to set up a membership only website.... seems like it will be a piece of cake now that I've found the right home"
- Peg

"I wanted to thank you for your detailed response. I have implemented the migration and it looks like things are working properly again. It is rare to find this high level of services in IT and I will continue to recommend you to friends and colleagues alike."
- E. Richter

"SmarterMail is a huge upgrade! It has enough features that if I were to set up a small/medium size office I would consider using SmarterMail/Discountasp rather then setting up an Exchange server. Thanks and please pass this on to all parties concerned."
- J. Atkinson

"As always you guys in Tech support are one step ahead looking back!! ... I am a long time customer and am going be a customer even LONGER!! WOW!! I am a software developer and fully realize how thankless you guys' job is; so THANK YOU!!! Make your boss buy you a beer or at least a lunch!!!"
- J. Hansen

"Just wanted to say it’s been a pleasure creating/managing a new site using DiscountASP.NET. The control panel and database management is awesome.... Setup was a snap. Migrating the SQL Express database was a breeze. The control panel is better than anything you could ask for. The speed has been very fast with zero downtime. I’ll be using DiscountASP.NET for all my clients for now on instead of GoDaddy."
- T. Bara

"Thanks a lot for the prompt response.... and I must say you have excellent service. Thanks again."
- F. Zavliaris

"On Wednesday, I signed up for 12 months of hosting with DiscountASP.NET. In the matter of about an hour, I did the following:
- Completed an online transaction with DiscountASP.NET
- Accessed my new site through the Control Panel
- Downloaded the latest dasBlog bits for ASP.Net 2.0
- Uploaded the dasBlog bits to my new site
- Switched the DNS servers to my new ISP
- Moved the content folder from my old host to DiscountASP.NET
- Minor configuration to secure and customize my blog

I'll have you know that I have not yet contacted DiscountASP.NET..., nor have I had to read their online help documents. The entire process was smooth as silk. I was shocked. My previous personal and professional experiences have always left me in need of some type of resolution. This is how it should be — DiscountASP.NET has done a great job and I'm grateful."
- A. Hay

"Thank you so much for all your help. You truly are the best web hosting site around. Your customer service is excellent. Once again thank you."
- J. Majko

"I have had nothing but great experiences in my little development company's 4-5 year history with DiscountASP.NET; .... and I know how hard the Tech support people work... In my estimate, we have probably referred/put up 3-4 dozen sites to/with you, and have never been sorry we did. Anything further I or our people can do to help you we will do; ... and we will continue to get more customers for both of us."
- P. King (Testimonial #2)

"Many thanks for your helpful response. You guys at DISCOUNTASP.NET are great."
- R. Obire

"Vikram, I think I love you. That was it - just in time for my client demo to sell my product tomorrow morning! Thanks so much"
- A. Ibarguen

"I really appreciate your help, and I am so glad we host with and recommend you guys, you really are the best ASP.NET host."
- P. King (Testimonial #1)

"Thank you so much. I knew you get right back to me. You guys are great.... I have been constantly pleased with my DiscountASP.NET experiences and you deserve kudos... I have learned a lot from your site, and the various links."
- S. Titus

"I've had a GREAT experience with DiscountASP.NET. I have been using the host for quite some time now and I very satisfied with the service they provide, very recommended!!"
- Anonymous Review

"HOLY CRAP you are fast. NO wonder I recommend clients to you guys."
- C. Bazin

"Thank you. Works perfectly, first time! The instructions on your web site were a Godsend. Gave me exactly what was needed in a few simple steps. I am very very pleased with my service to date. DiscountAsp gets an A+ and trust me, I'm a hard grader!!"
- J. Cole

"I've been a customer for a few years now and although I may not take advantage of everything you have to offer, my expectations have been exceeded almost every time I have need to talk to anyone from DiscountASP.NET. I have a number of friends who are constantly changing their hosting company and still complain about poor service and downtime. I am pleased that I have never had these problems."
- P. Jones (Testimonial 2)

"As always, DiscountASP.NET support is king, #1, best in the world.... I can't tell you how much I enjoy being hosted by you guys. Your knowledge and service is beyond excellent. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!"
- P. Jones (Testimonial 1)

"I wanted to thank you for all of your support, and to tell you that bar-none, your hosting service is #1."
- G. Lusty

"Your feature set rocks... I am a highly seasoned .NET (and any other language you can think of) veteran, and your services are great for both the developer and the production minded! I hope to be closing a deal next month for which I'd need dedicated production hosting space, and you are definitely my first pick. I have gone through the entire evaluation process with all your competitors, and you are definitely the leader by an order of magnitude. Your integration, upkeep with current technologies, and a dozen other things make you by far the best service I've worked with. Many thanks ..."
- W. Neithardt

"You have provided excellent service. In the last couple years I have had very little problems, almost none at all with your services. I always recieved a prompt response on the few questions I did need answered... Thanks for the excellent service, I recommend you guys to everyone."
- M. C.

"Thank you, thank you very much.. as ussual.. you guys gave me the best of your effort.. THANK YOU."
- L. Molina

"I am so very satisfied by your prompt service. Thank you :)"
- M. Reilly

"Thanks for your prompt action - you guys are great to deal with."
- A. Lee


June 2007 - DDOS Attack-Related

Background: DiscountASP.NET was under a massive DDOS attack for two days (June 21-22) which took down all web and email services crippling our business and customer's businesses. The magnitude of the DDOS attack was on a scale that security experts we consulted with had never seen before. We worked round the clock for two days and implemented a DDOS mitigation solution. Now our ASP.NET Hosting services are even stronger than before as we are prepared for similar attacks.

"Another thumbs up here for DiscountASP..NET. I understand the frustration of losing customers through perceived bad service; it's happened to me too. But reading some of these comments, I do wonder if some people really understand just how difficult defeating a well organised DDOS attack is. Yes, we all know what 'DDOS' means, but do you really, really understand how, if the attack is co-ordinated in the right way, it is practically impossible to defend against? If you believe otherwise then I think you need to learn more about it. Until I struck out on my own last year, I was an IT Security professional working for a major multi-national corporate. We ran sites with millions of hits a day and had to defend against thousands of attacks. And despite our budgets of many millions of dollars for security, none of us ever believed that it is possible to be 100% protected against a well organised DDOS attack. While the Internet remains a network of multiple ownership, it is simply impossible to be prepared for all eventualities. Indeed, we sometimes needed the cooperation of several Tier 1 carriers to mitigate certain attacks. And we only had access to this kind of cooperation because we were such a carrier ourselves. For the price, the DiscountASP.NET service is unbelievably good value. If you want a serious increase in network redundancy, you'll have to increase you spend by two or more orders of magnitude. And even then, if any provider implies they can defend against all DDOS attacks then frankly, they are lying to you."
- Holf

"I want to send out a word of appreciation to the team at DiscountASP.NET. A couple of days ago they were hit with a mammoth DDoS attack which basically shut them down, and consequently my company, for a couple of days. Apparently, it was a worse case scenario. I run my livelihood through my web service and if we’re not up, my employees are sitting around and my customers who use my services are calling me. This type of thing is not a good situation for anyone. DiscountASP.NET was able to come up with an emergency page where they posted information on the attack. This was very important to me as I needed to inform my customers about what was happening. On day 2 of the attack I started to consider my options of switching and started looking around. Some competitors had a list of questions which they advised I ask my provider, so I did. What I did get in response from DiscountASP.NET was a well thought out personal letter addressing all my concerns and answers to all my questions in the detail I needed to make an informed decision. That really impressed me. I’ve submitted tickets and they have always made me feel like and individual and a valued customer. No provider is perfect. All systems will fail at one point or another. The attack exposed some areas of weakness; but DiscountASP.NET rose to the occasion, worked around the clock, got us up and running again, and personally assured me that they are taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again, and told me how. What more could I ask for? After shopping around, and asking a lot of questions, I’ve chosen to stay with DiscountASP.NET and am recommending them to others. The hosting is great, the pricing you can’t beat, but most important to me, they offer great customer service. Let he who has ears let them hear: “Exceptional customer service is what keeps customers coming back and spreading the word!” "
- Bob O.

"Thanks for the update. My boss was a little perturbed by the calls we received from our customers when the attack took place. I realize that these things do happen, and can happen to any site out there. It overwhelmed us with an issue that we could not fix, and our customers looked to us for answers. We did find out about the attack and relayed the message to our customers. It affected our own email as well. Keep up the good work, and "darn the hackers" who do this."
- P. Santabarbara

"We just want to thank you for solving the problem you had with the DOS attack. We were about to close the account and move to another web hosting company but while shopping around we found learned that you are the best! Thank you again."
- R. Silva

"Thank you for keeping us so well-informed of the ddos attack. Your explanations were simple and clear. I appreciated being able to send my web users to your communication site. We all learned something from it. Your service and knowledge are outstanding and it makes me feel very secure knowing that all of you are keeping the rest of us safe and running. I hope you all are getting the sleep you deserve."
- D. Wahl

"I fully understand the capacity in which your team was/is involved in this unfortunate issue and wanted to acknowledge how much I appreciate the amount of work the DiscountASP.NET team has contributed to my issue, as well as others."
- R. Sanborn

"Just a word of thanks and encouragement to all people at DiscountASP.NET on how you handled this mean-spirited attack on your business and clients. These are attacks to terrorize honest businesses and I hope the culprits can be found and brought to justice. This will certainly not affect my loyalty to your excellent company."
- E. Mildenstein

"Everything is good today - I've done research on my ISP, BellSouth, and apparently they are notorious for lagging behind for dns changes. I can now access everything, including the control panel. Thanks for the good responses from Support via email during this tough 3 days."
- A. Ibarguen

"Well done! Thanks a lot. Appreciate the hard work you guys have done to get it back under control. Thanks for letting us know what was happening via the email and emergency website."
- P. Weighell

"Thank you for the explanation, and the new DiscountASP.NET Status website. I understand how difficult DDOS attacks can be, and your detailed explanation covers it well. Kudos to the DiscountASP.NET staff for handling the situation in a timely and professional manner."
- J. Lehman


"DiscountASP.NET is AWESOME! 30 minutes, and my site is set up and running! I have wasted three complete days with godaddy! ... I'm just happy that you have the equipment and staff to make a deployment work like it's supposed to. I'm a happy customer."
- T. Elam

"I've been using them for a couple of years now. It's one of the easiest hosts to configure and is reliable."
- B. Reiss

"I signed up for hosting about 3 weeks ago and started working on putting together the environment for our new business. We worked in IT for couple years, but working with hosted environment for the first time. I should say that my experience so far is very amazing, you have very helpful site with knowledge base and very user friendly interface for site management! I contacted support for couple times and your representatives are very helpful and friendly and don't leave any questions unresolved and always follow up. This is amazing! As I mentioned in my original email, so far it's the best experience with support communication I had before."
- B. Alina

"I've been very happy with DiscountASP.NET in the brief couple of months I've used them."
- B. Graf

"I'll second DiscountASP.NET - I've been with them since the beginning of the year for one of my sites and they've been great so far ...and not that expensive either (as you could probably gather from their name) ;)"
- J. Mauss

"You have fantastic service and the best hosting product I have encountered."
- B. Shalton

"Thank you for the excellent service that you offer and for a great functionnal website to host SQL2005 and ASP.NET applications. I did 3 places before finding your website. Yours top them all."
- C. Lafrance

"The response from the forum and support has been very quick - I am very impressed by that."
- J. Gallagher

"I could write a disertation on how good you guys are. Whenever I have an issue you are right on it. I have 4 sites hosted with DiscountASP.NET and you are always on top of things."
- S. Loper

"I LOVE the master account feature. Thank you for all your help."
- R. Hammer

"That did the trick. You now have made a happy customer. Thanks for the walkthrough. Now I will be bringing over the 2 other sites I have hosted at other places."
- J. Benson

"Once again, thank you very much for you/your team's great support. I really appreciate it."
- P. Hoe

"Thanks so much, you guys are great, has anyone ever told you that ;-)) really. Best wishes"
- M. Schupbach

"Keep up the good work, and my company is VERY pleased with the level of professional, quality service we have been receiving thus far... Thanks so much! You guys rock!"
- J. Nies

"At the start I must say that I was very satisfied with your service... You really deserve all awards for best hosting company."
- Z. Kozamelj

"DiscountASP.NET is very very good .... a service of quality has a high value."
- spdfox

"Thank you for the continuing great service..."
- M. Basgun

Re: >Web.config Encryption - "Great Job... I think this is great support for developers on the part of DiscountASP.NET, regardless of the relative safety of unencrypted config files I think everyone feels better if they have the option to encrypt sections so thanks again for this great move in support of developers."
- Madvox

"Although I do not have e-commerce or a "real" web application yet – I continue to be very happy with DiscountASP.NET and appreciate the efforts to add new and useful features for a fair price."
- A. Summers

"You should check our DiscountASP.NET. Their pricing for ASP.NET hosting is quite affordable. I'll second that. I've had a great experience with DiscountASP.NET"
- TBone

"I've had a GREAT experience with DiscountASP.NET. I'm mostly impressed with their quick response to my questions, and the accuracy of their answers. Earlier today I had a database problem with my website. I asked them a fairly generic question about the problem, and their techs made several suggestions, which was right on the money. I've tried other hosting companies that leave you feeling like a lab rat -- but not DiscountASP.NET. I highly recommend this company!"
- M. Markham

"Thank you VERY much - the parent directory web.config's xhtmlConformance mode was indeed set to legacy. It is now set to Transitional and all works. I would have NEVER caught this without your expertise assistance. Again, thank you VERY much"
- Paul S.

"I recommend using DiscountASP.NET. They support both MS SQL 2000 and MS SQL 2005 and both 1.1 and 2.0. I am a DiscountASP.NET customer, and I think they are top notch. Their service is excellent... "
- Iration

"I'm very happy with the quality of both your technical and personal support and I'll keep recommending you when asked who's the best asp host around."
- J. Nichols

"I am extremely happy with DiscountASP.NET . When I was back in school I had taken my .Net classes and wanted to try my hands on ASP.Net and bought a test domain and played with it. The staff were very friendly and answered all my dumb questions and I was really surprised how quick they were in replying to my emails. Now, I got a new account with them and working on a new commercial site. To summarize, DiscountASP.NET is the best .Net hosting site I have seen and it is worth the money. But of all, I like their helpful staff who is quick in response to their customer's questions! Thanks Guys !!"
- S. Sundaram

"Hello, I've been working on getting my site into production and just wanted to drop you a note on how happy I am with your service. I'm extremely pleased with everything I've seen from DiscountASP.NET. I'm really happy about you doubling the bandwidth usage. But most important to me is this simple statement about who you are: "We do not outsource our customer support to other companies and/or other countries. We do our own support in-house." I think you should play this positive statement a bit more. Keep up the good work!"
- J. Andrews

"Just a quick thank you to all the Team at DiscountASP.NET for a job well done. I have only signed up in the last few weeks but I am extremely pleased with the level of service and communication. This is def a hosting company I will recommend."
- devstuff

"I'm very impressed with your responsiveness on a Saturday, by the way. This site is a "moonlighting" project I'm doing for a friend, so knowing that I'll be able to get support on a weekend is awesome! I feel like I made a good choice with DiscountASP.NET! :)"
- I. Olsen

"Many thanks for your quick and helpful response on this matter - although I've only been a customer of yours for a few days I am already highly impressed with how efficient you all are. Thanks!"
- M. Fairhurst

"THANK YOU! Really, really impressed by your response! Thank you again, you've been hugely helpful and the speed of the response is unheard of!"
- M. Wittenburg

"I appreciate the extra miles you went for me. The outstanding service of DiscountASP.NET is why I recommend your hosting service to many friends."
- M. Xue

"DiscountASP.NET has a great service! If you ever need a testimonial let me know. I have recommended your guys to [3 sites] this year. Keep up the great service!"
- T. Sasnauskas

"Thanks for the quick response guys are the best!"
- M. Gann

"It has really been a pleasure so far and I have only the best compliments on your professionalism. I am so nicely surprised with your fast response and be sure I will recommend DiscountASP.NET further."
- M. Islami

"I just want to say how positive my experience has been with your technical support department. Your team is dedicated, knowledgeable, and extremely customer-service oriented. Your response times are unbelievable. Thank you very much! Keep up the good work!"
- D. Ackerman

"I moved from my provider (was in Germany) to you after I've done a deep research. As a senior SW engineer developing with .NET the last years, I have to say: your service rocks ;-). The tools are _great_ folks, every piece of the admin GUI is well designed. Great work, I can't even compare it to my previous providers in this price range. DB attach/detach/backup, APP pool recycling, .NET1/2 settings.. Nice job! I moved all my application files, HttpHandler logic, UTF-8 encoded files, a lot of SQL structures and heavy localized data content (Slovak language, guess the chars!) - no problems at all, I couldn't believe it ran after the 1st setup. If I shall find anything I should think you could improve, I'll sure let you know. But so far, I was able to order, activate, transfer app + db (sitting in Switzerland) from Germany to USA , configure and run my web platform with _no_ support from you ;-). Ajax.NET, T-SQL, .NET2, uploading files, HttpModule etc. Congrats, folks, this I call a success story."
- A. Macko

"I am a developer in the industry for 15 years. Who I bring my clients to for their ISP needs is one the most critical choices to make. For this reason I bring most of my clients to DiscountASP.NET. Their customer service is always quick, informative, and never contains 'fluff' messages designed to respond but not inform. They are always cultivating relationships with other services to offer their customers that is useful to me as a developer. This strengthens the services I can offer my clients. I have used most of the ISP's out there for my Microsoft, ASP, Access and SQL needs. DiscountASP.NET has been the best service to date that I have used. I recommend them to many others as well."
- J. Leahy

"As always, thanks for you prompt response and attention. I have sung the praises of you guys to everyone I know looking for a hosting provider. Keep up the great work!"
- M. Merchant

"I've always had great support from DiscountASP.NET and my site is always online. Never any problems at all and I host a few different sites on their servers for the last year. "
- Paul M.

"Thanks for your good service over the past year. I have experienced less down time with your service than any other hosting service I have tried. Keep up the good work!"
- M. Hillman

"That's the first time I get this kind of problem and I can tell you that I've really appreciated the technical support of DiscountASP.NET. I understand now why they were Readers' Choice for Pro. Thanks a lot I really appreciated what you did for me and my company."
- JP. Cornez

"Been with DiscountASP.NET for about 3 years now. They have been very cooperative with enabling/cancelling features and charging/crediting promptly and fairly. I have had ZERO credit card problems - they have always done exactly as I have expected. Service-wise, last week I had them activate a SQL Server 2005 account. Had some trouble on my end making the connection. The first time in 3 years I raised a ticket. Their response to my initial ticket was about 2 hours. I was away for quite a while, & when I didn't respond they followed up. Finally, when I was able to sit down & work at it, they were back & forth with me in minutes until the problem was resolved. I found this as good or better than most phone help desks I have worked with. I can't vouch for high volume performance, but for me, with a couple of small web apps, experimenting with different databases and programming technologies, I couldn't ask for a more economical, flexible arrangement. No regrets whatsoever."
- D. Eaglesham

"I don't often get a chance to say this but your support team and general hosting environment has been great for our business. We now have about 12 sites set up and the ease of setup and management will enable us to grow rapidly."
- D. Arbuthnot

"I am very pleased with the prompt service you provide. I was impressed when my first domain was up and running in less than an hour. This is a velcome change from my old web hosting, and it makes doing business a lot more enjoyable."
- Y. Croosh

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"DiscountASP.NET is an awesome host, I have two sites with them. I started learning ASP through them and they helped me iron out the kinks. Nothing but respect for these guys."
- Keith

"I just want to tell you that I think you guys are doing a fantastic job! I brag about your company to everyone I talk to when the issue comes up - especially those who mention godaddy! Customer service is the first thing I begin making them aware of. Then, I follow it up with how restrictive they are in allowing you to actually get the things you need to effectively administer a website. You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work!"
- B. Tarrance

"It worked perfectly. It is refreshing that everything has worked perfectly since coming across from [my previous host] where nothing ever worked at all! Cheers."
- M. Pollock

"I wanted to say again that I am impressed at the speed of response from DiscountASP.NET support. Great job."
- R. Nath

"I have been with DiscountASP.NET for 4-5 years now and have been using SQL for 2 and have had no problems whatsoever. Any quirks that I have come across (usually due to my own mistakes) have been quickly resolved by DiscountASP.NET. I have many friends that have struggled through many many host changes due to poor service or poor performance while I sit back and smile at how successful my site has been. One of these days, they'll listen to me when I recommend DiscountASP.NET to them!"
- P. Jones

"I don't use my account at DiscountASP.NET too much because of time issues (I usually have zero free time) but this thread exemplifies why DiscountASP.NET are a fantastic web host (which is something coming from me as I also own a hosting business!). Here we have a red hot new release and the people at DiscountASP.NET are actively working to deploy it, helping customers, etc. Fantastic. Sorry if this is the wrong place but you all deserve a pat on the back. Keep up the good work!"
- VirtualRichard

"I'm more and more impressed by DiscountASP.NET"
- Polybius

"I just want to thank you guys for helping me today for the second time since being with DiscountASP.NET only a week ago, just by reading your forum entries. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"
- Ramco777

"Thanks for all the help I've received from you and a whole bunch of people over there at DiscountASP.NET. Please extend my gratitude to everyone over there for all the great help the team has been. You can be sure Ill always recommend to DiscountASP.NET whenever I can."
- K. Stangl

"Once again thanks to all DiscountASP.NET forum members. Because through forum i learn so many things and then with in short time I finished my web application as early as possible."
- Nadh

"I am very satisfied with its services. The new improvements have me very pleased. Happy new year."
- C. Gaviria

"First off, thanks for creating the web service. Things like this are why I keep my hosting with you guys!"
- Will

"Just wanted to say - I am really impressed with your level of support and the support personnel's familiarity with the website tools. I am convinced that's a primary reason for the popularity of DiscountASP.NET site... I worked for Microsoft for 14 years and know the importance of this. And I have seen more support orgs and evaluated them then I care - so I know a good one when I see it. And you guys are one of the really good ones."
- R. Nath

"You are by far the best host I have ever used and I’ve used a lot! :)"
- Georgio

"I posted a helpdesk ticket and the problem was resolved within 15 minutes. I'll recommend DiscountASP.NET to anyone who asks."
- S. Huskey

"I'm just sending you this e-mail, because last Friday I've changed my hosting services to DiscountASP.NET, and until now I'm really satisfied with the whole service, that's really an excellent service and company. Thank you very much."
- R. T. H. Barini

"To help with your decision making I have learned a great deal from hosting my sites at DiscountASP.NET. I started off hardly knowing anything and I have learned a great deal in a little amount of time. They have a very easy to use Knowledge Base, very responsive and helpful support team, and a great forum to help you get started."
- J. Lavender

"You Guys Rock! Now that is what I call tech support. Night before Thanksgiving and you resolve a fairly prickly issue in fantastic time. Thanks for the outstanding support response. Happy Thanksgiving!"
- J. Kelly

"I'm a new customer to DiscountASP.NET and wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased, especially with the "Web Application Tool" which lets me drop ASP.NET 2.0 applications into subdirectories! That's a fantastic tool and I love how easy it is to organize my separate apps this way. You wouldn't think this would be such a big deal -- but other hosting companies make it much more difficult. Kudos to DiscountASP.NET!"
- M. Markham

"I signed up for DiscountASP.NET earlier today and everything works flawlessly. I hope this might be useful to anyone else facing the "partially trusted callers" issue on a different shared hosting provider."
- J. Harrison

"I have been with you since 2003 and could not be happier with the support I have received and the hosting options you provide."
- N. Horton

"For ASP.NET/Windows hosting, I would strongly recommend DiscountASP.NET they only offer ASP.NET/Windows hosting."
- iration

"I am new to DiscountASP.NET. I am still learning ASP.NET. But I do enjoy your slick tricks that you post [in the community forum]. They are a great source of learning. It sure does bring customer service to higher level."
- G. Bourque

"Thanks for your service. Your hosting service is the best ASP.NET hosting I have ever seen for the money, and would highly recommend it to anybody."
- R. Hayland

"Just wanted to say that I think you guys did a great job coming up with an easy to use website. I first tried to use ASP.NET + SQL 2005 hosting at another big provider and to be honest, their whole administration thingie just sucked. Everything you did would take 15 minutes or longer to be processed in the background, options regarding security settings were minimal, and what I found out after wasting almost a whole day was that they don't even support SQL 2005. It took me about a fourth of the time actually getting my stuff running on your website."
- C. Wienands

"Thanks for your service. Your hosting service is the best ASP.NET hosting I have ever seen for the money, and would highly recommend it to anybody."
- R. Hayland

"Have to say I am impressed by what I have seen so far."
- J. Kav

"Thank you for being so helpful, I have learned a lot from you and really do appreciate your quality support."
- I. Hinley

"Thanks for the quick response. Another example of what makes you guys the winner!"
- S. Engelman

"Thank you for a swift response and the follow-up support."
- T. Hauksson

"I use DiscountASP.NET for all of my client web sites and have often recommended it to other small business owners. The service you provide, from uptime to response to requests, is always impeccable. It takes a huge burden off of me as far as hosting, backup, and security. Thanks for your great service - I think this makes the 13th (not unlucky) site I have with DASP and will be hopefully adding two more client sites soon..."
- A. Ibarguen

"Sorry for bothering you again but I must say this. I'm really impress with the speed that you return my emails and the level of support. Thanks a lot and GOOD JOB!!!!! :)"
- E. Viegas

"We are very happy with [our domain's] setup! You all are GREAT!"
- C. Kuhnert

"Thank you! ... as usual you guys surprise me. That is why I love using your hosting and continue to do so."
- J. Brock

"WOW. What an amazing experience. Finally a hosting company that lives up to the hype. Pinch me, am I dreaming."
- T. Gilbert

"P.S. Your hosting services rock. I switched over recently from a different company and I have been very happy with DiscountASP.NET."
- M. Calcinari

"First of all, excellent control panel. Well designed, thought out and thorough."
- D.

"I am very happy with DiscountASP.NET and the service you offer. Service is excellent, I have 3 accounts with you guys and am very happy with the service, your tech support / customer service is almost immediate, it's very affordable and you have a wide variety of components / add ons available, which leads me to believe you have a team of people with an active interest in tomorrow's technology, you are ahead of the game, and provide a very high level of service that I haven't seen elsewhere, the last person I communicated with was very helpful and brought service to a human level not the typical "business" make a buck level. Job well done."
- J. Kelly

"Your company is the best hosting service I have ever used. More than that - it is excellent."
- M. Sam

"You are awesome... my hearty congratulations to you guys... I will any time prefer DiscountASP.NET to any provider... This web site uses Asp.Net and Atlas with excellent functionality and good hits. I am overwhelmed by your service"
- K. Mohan

"Thank you for your great no-hassle service. You guys are great!"
- M. Fleischner

"Thx. You guys are an awesome host. Never have I had such fast and detailed response from tech support. As soon as I'm able, I'm going to put up a fabulous review on you guys on my website. Thanks again for all the time you've given me."
- A. Hunter

"I have been pleased with the uptime, the customer service, and the third party software service offerings have been improving over the past couple years. Thanks I love you guys... keep up the good work!!!"
- R. McKenzie

"As always, customer support at DiscountASP.NET is beyond expectations."
- D. Grill

"Again thanks for your continued support you guys are awesome!."
- S. Tularak

"Again, thanks for the help. Support here is awesome compared to my prior hosting companies."
- casefiler

"Thank you so much and thank you for several years of excellent quality of hosting service."
- M. Cadek

"I have been with your service for less then a day and I couldn't be happier. I had so many problems with my application with my other hoster that I could swear I was losing hair. Ever since I switched to your service everything is running smoothly. Thank you so much. If anyone asks me where to go for hosting, you guys are on the top of my list."
- J. Standish

"WOW - I have NEVER had such great service. DiscountASP.NET is the absolute best. I don't know how to thank you."
- MJ Parker

"Just wanted to say thank you for the quick response and excellent service !!"
- P. Ringer

"The new Email Manager - I love it!"
- J. Pepe

"I'm very happy with my DiscountASP.NET services."
- D. Lamb

"I really appreciate the fast turn around by tech support!! I appreciate the professionalism of the DiscountASP.NET staff. This makes my job much easier as a developer. I also wanted to express my appreciation for the increase in SQL Server 2000 and 2005 space allocation. I can now send more business your way! Thanks a bunch!"
- J. Joslin

"You guys have AWESOME uptime."
- R. Strazzarino

"If my wife and I ever have a girl I would lobby very aggressively to name her [after you]... I greatly appreciate the swift response and action. Once again, I am reminded why I chose DiscountASP.NET as my host. You folks make me feel like you all just sit around and watch my site all day... I imagine that is most definitely not the case but it sure seems like it... Maybe a little over the top, but I truly am grateful for the excellent customer service... I couldn't say enough about your customer and hosting services. I have only been with you folks for a year, but it is the only host name that comes out of my mouth when discussing the options!"
- R. Anderson

"On another note, just wanted to tell you all what great service you provide. As a person coming from a more graphic design oriented background and moving toward more programming, your service and support have been phenomenal and a necessary bridge. Keep up the good work!"
- A. Bransom

"That is a very interesting finding. Thank you very much for figuring this out. Thank you for your prompt and precise help. I really appreciate it!"
- F. Uemura

If NOT(otherWebHosting Is Satisfactory) Then
    Register DiscountASP.NET
    Register DiscountASP.NET
End If
- J. Bey

"You have hosted my company's site for the past two years and I am extremely happy with the service and support. The technical support has been outstanding and the overall services provided are top notch. My sentiments are further echoed from the technical community with your Company's receipt of the Reader's Choice award for the past two years along with the DNDJ Award. This speaks highly of your overall team and of your organization. When you announced early adoption of SQL Server 2005, I was elated to see that you were continuing with your innovative marketing approach."
- J. LaCombe

"I decided to come back to DiscountASP.NET because it's the only company I can trust. I think their online support is far better than any web hosting company on the face of the Earth, I did cancel them yesterday but after I went to [another host] they where completely rubbished so I decided that my web hosting company will always be at DiscountASP.NET."
- W. Houston

"Thank you so much for the quick resolution and responses... I appreciate your dedication and support immensely!!! I do believe in your product and services. DiscountASP.NET is absolutely the best deal out there, and the support is second to none. Thank you so much!"
- J. Brock

"You guys are really the best. I have one other account with you but tried some of the 'recommended' providers recommnded by [another] and they were pretty bad. Long time for support, waited all weekend to get my account set up etc, etc. Am now doing what I should have done and bringing this other domain back to DiscountASP.NET."
- D. Khan

"Great job on the SQL tools, they're working perfect for me and I'm even able to sync with the server and fetch my archived backups. Perfect."
- M. Wisecarver

"By the way I have refered many other people to you to host their sites even though I don't have control of the domains. I think you guys are the best hosting company I have ever used (including the one I ran off of my own machine for awhile). Not only do you charge a fair price but you also have great service (I can't remember when my site was last down). As a .NET developer I truly appreciate that you keep up with all the updates and even supplied me with a test site when the .NET Framework 2.0 came out."
- B. Dalton

"DiscountASP.NET Rocks! I recently gave the support guys a rather tough task helping me migrate a huge community site from Interland over to DiscountASP.NET. The support guys took care of everything, a few cut/paste lines of code on my end and all went fantastic. With such a huge selection of Classic ASP and .NET components to chose from it was like eating candy. Kudos to the team!"
- Wisemx

"I just wanted to send a note to say how very pleased I have been with your hosting service. I have tried out over a dozen providers over the last 4 years, and your service without a doubt is the absolute best on the internet. In particular, most sites have problems bringing up all the images on a page, I have never, I mean never had an image not display with DiscountASP.NET. Further, I have never run into a situation where my site has not been up. My site utilizes very complex .NET programming and have used many 3rd party components. In the past your site is the only site where everything works as it is programmed and installed the first time. And your support is the absolute best, have had a few tickets, all resolved within hours. Thanks for the support."
- G. Filipovich

"The new SQL Tools are great! I've successfully backed up my DB, ftp'd the file to a local machine and restored it without incident... great for doing local development with real-world data."
- Arby

"I just want to say how impressed I am with the quality of your service. I put in a ticket last night with a question, and it was responded to within a few minutes. With what I have seen so far, I couldn't imagine a better hosting company. The flexibility you offer is amazing, as is the low price. Thanks. "
- D. Anderson

"Thanks again. You all do a great job and I love your services. If I were in Los Angeles, I'd try to come work for you!"
- A. McKendree

"[Your] forum did help me alots before.. thanks for all of you.. (i'm not very good in english)"
- Syintdo

"You guys rock. If there's some evaluation form or something I can fill out for you let me know."
- S. Schuldt

"1000 thank you's. I love DiscountASP.NET. For my money I will never choose another hosting company over DiscountASP.NET. You guys are miracle workers. Thanks again."
- T. Wallace

"Thank you. You are a God-send!"
- D. Spurlin

"Thanks for all your help. You gave me exactly what I needed. You guys are very responsive and accordingly I plan to keep my site hosted here for many years to come. Keep up the good work!"
- B. Latshaw

"Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the new [SQL] db backup feature. I was just getting ready to email you and find out how to do an off-site backup. Saved me the trouble of asking as everything worked perfectly. Fast as well. Took less than 10 seconds to generate the backup and show up in the web root. Thanks!"
- C. Walsh

"I just wanted to say thank you for the help on the SQL 2005 database. I am very, very impressed with DiscountASP.NET - believe me when I say that I'm qualified to say that. I've hosted my websites with many web providers, but this is the first one that has got it together! Great job guys!"
- J. Hamm

Comments about the recently introduced SQL Tool Suite for DiscountASP.NET SQL Hosting customers "That's the best thing you could have ever done! My prayers have been answered. Thanks much!"
- D. Schinkel

"I wanted to communicate how happy I am with the EASE of setup and usage of DiscountASP.NET. After nightmares at the previous host, your interfaces are a boon to technically-savvy users. I have 4 other clients that I will also be moving. Thank you so much, and I look forward to a long relationship with your service."
- P. Smith

"I have been using SQL and Visual Studio for many years. I just signed up for [ASP.NET Hosting] and an accompanying SQL DB. Your setup is pretty slick and it worked quite easy for me. I wish I would have found you long ago. Keep up the good work. Thx."
- G. Woodruff

"Thank you so much. Now it works. I greatly appreciate all your help. The tech support and services you have provided are obviously the best."
- J. Yan

"I requested a change on the web server 6pm before a three-day weekend. DiscountASP.NET completed this and informed me of the change in under 15 minutes. You guys have *Excellent* service!"
- J. Ipock

"When I needed a home for [my website] I chose DiscountASP.NET. As an early supported of ASP.NET 2.0, they had the right tools and configuration to support the site. I'm back again now, to host SQL [and another site] and am happy to say, that the level of support and friendliness far exceeds my expectations. Thank you DiscountASP.NET!"
- C. Jones

"My colleague and I was working on a project for a client and we used DiscountASP.NET as our host. We have had a few technical support inquiries and we were both impressed with how fast we got a response; and in all cases, the issue was successfully resolved quickly. Job well done! Keep up the good work."
- K. Chu

"And again, for your intuitive no-nonsense user-interface and your 100% fast and flawless service. I am deeply impressed. Your service is intuitive and great, ASP.NET at its very finest. I have a quality hoster with DiscountASP.NET."
- R. Davidsen

"Feels good to know we're with the right host - manned by technically competent people!"
- Mark

"All is working OK now, thank you. You really answer very quickly... congratulations "
- A. de la Cruz

"Great service you guys. Keep up the good work. I'm impressed that you would do a search and find the blog to describe it. I usually have to do that. You saved me time. Thanks a bunch."
- B. Casey

"I must admit this is excellent service, I've purchased two more websites on the strength of this. Many Thanks."
- C. Cousins

"..all problems have been resolved now :-) Thanks very much for your help. I will be recommending your company for .NET hosting to anyone that asks. The support you provide in my opinion is excellent for a novice such as myself. In comparison with at least one other company whom i dealt with who's tech support consisted of advising me to search on google for help!!! Thanks again :-) Happy Customer"
- G. Oakes

"Thanks for your follow up. I have learned more since I started hosting with DiscountASP.NET earlier this year, than the last several years on another server where there was little cooperation. It is really great to work with your team of professionals!"
- R. Lausen

"Thank you very much for the quick reply. You have been very responsive so far, looks like you are going to be a far better host than the one I'm currently managing my freelance sites from!"
- G. McClendon

"Thanks for the extremely fast response!!! You guys are already blowing my previous host out of the water regarding support."
- C. Walsh

"You guys have everything covered. I've never seen such configurability in a hosting service, or such great support. I'm an application developer at a mid-sized software dev firm. I will be spreading the good word about you."
- T. Rosenbaum

"I think you guys provide a great service and I will continue to use you and recommend you to others. Thanks again!"
- M. Kuzma

"I just signed up with these guys a few days ago based on the good reviews they got. I had some email issues during the switchover and they resolved it in an hour. They respond within an hour or so of your registering a complaint and it's almost like chatting from that point onwards. Really prompt service, and they resolve it within 3 or so emails. For one of my issues, it was resolved about 5 minutes after I sent in the issue. No kidding. Best service I've ever got in my life."
- A. Kabadkar

"That is all absolutely spectacular. Thanks very much. I could not possibly be happier or more positively impressed by a response. Very best. I will absolutely recommend you as a web partner in future."
- B. Weylock

"I should have never doubted I could do what I needed to on DiscountASP..NET. Sounds cheesy but you are without a doubt a fantastic hosting service. Thanks again for the prompt helpful response - I can stop worrying now!!"
- R. Greaves

"I can't say enough about the company I host with. They do an amazing job... [They] have some very nice features, for a really inexpensive hosting company. All of my .NET stuff is on the 1.1 Framework, but I have plans of redoing it all in the 2.0 Famework, they support both. Their admin tools are awesome too. Web based administration of email, dns, and some IIS features specific to my application space on their server. Throw in backups, and a ton of transfer, and it's such a great deal. Only once or twice in the past year have I ever had problems, short email outages, but they're a growing company and they're honest when things do go wrong. From a development stand-point, I have yet to find a hosting provider with so many 3rd party controls they offer to their customers. They even have some cool things like being able to schedule a URL to hit (for a webservice for instance). They have over 40 components available for use, and typically development ones you can copy locally for offline development. Even though FreeTextBox is an awesome WYSIWYG editor, these guys have RichTextBox which is also a really good control. They even have the rest of the Rich components, including the slider, and datepicker. They also have some great charting components. Their customer support team does a pretty good job too, they generally respond to emails within an hour or two. If you're looking for hosting, I'd definetly check them out. They were the Visual Studio Magazine Reader's choice hosting provider of 2005."
- J. Batdorf

"I recently made a few major errors while hurredly setting up some online sites. I set up a full year of hosting for the wrong domain. I contacted the sales department at DiscountASP.NET, they replied in less than two hours (on a Sunday!) telling me that everything was taken care of. They had changed the domain over and not charged me for it! Now that's service. So, not only do I now recommend them to my friends based on their superb up-time, excellent throughput, and support of ASP.NET 2.0, I now have yet another reason to recommend them - service. There truly are advantages to consumers for doing business with a Microsoft Certified partner, and now I've experienced that from the other side."
- M. Earls

"Following your instruction, I successfully solved the Japanese character problem. Thank you very much for your very prompt and appropriate answer. I am always impressed by your high quality service."
- M. Mori

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"Again I have to commend your tech support! You once again acknowledged and quickly corrected a problem. I appreciate everything you are doing! Thanks!"
- C. Bates

"Thanks very much, once again fantastic service :-)"
- L. Kelley

"I believe it's worth to recommend DiscountASP.NET as a DNN hosting [DotNetNuke] company. I've been enjoying their services for the last few months. They respond very fast to our tickets and, in general, they know how to do their job. We have switched from our previous host who had no idea about DNN hosting. They've never granted aspnet permissions to the appropriate folders and it was impossible for us to operate our portal. I would definitely recommend these guys."
- T. Hinks

"That's what I like of your company, your efficiency. thank you so much !!!! also congratulations on the award, you guys rock !!!!!!!!!!"
- A. Casas

"Thanks for your help. I really love your service and your site is outstanding. I'm a pretty happy customer."
- C. Salazar

"Thank you very much! I just wanted to note that in working with DiscountASP.NET both Technical Support and Billing that your customer service is nothing less than exceptional... You and your team are doing a phenomenal job and should be commended for it... Thanks again!!"
- R. LeCount

"I really appreciate the fast and professional customer service from DiscountASP.NET."
- M. Kysela

"You guys/gals rock! Thank you for your prompt attention! I have been extremely happy with your service and support to date!"
- C. Bates

"Finally!!! Its working. Thank u for your patient and thank u for your help...."
- I. Gold

"Thank you [DiscountASP.NET], I feel like you guys know everything!" - J. Lavender

"Thank you for your wonderful service! We are very impressed, as the speed is 5X faster than the server we were previously using."
- B. Nehring

"Wow! I just completed the migration to [DiscountASP.NET] and the website behaves so much better now. I knew that my site was slow, but I didn't realize just how slow it was."
- M. Earls

"I'll second the thanks, [the DiscountASP.NET] forum rocks! I'm just moving to DiscountASP.NET and I really like what I see."
- Dean

"Also, thank you for providing such a good hosting solution. I have been with dozens of hosts before, and I like DiscountASP.NET the best BY FAR. You have so many self-serve management controls, it just makes it really easy to host with you.."
- R. Groves

"During a recent outage caused by my own doing, I deleted a table from an SQL database. Should have had an offsite copy - but didn't. DiscountASP.NET responded to my call for a backup within 30 minutes and I was back up and running within two hours. Great service, always pleasant. I'm very surprised to hear a bad review at all - they've always been "Johnny-on-the-spot" with fixes."
- S. Schad

"I applied for hosting, by the time I had made a coffee I could come onto the site on the temporary URL, today the whole lot is ready (other than writing the web site). Compare this with the host I just abandoned, a month and I still hadn't got what I ordered, basic host/email with .NET 2. Well done."
- R. Mee

"I like your pricing model. I left 1and1 to come to you. Your performance is great! I'm impressed with DiscountASP.NET. Great site, blog and support for the money and even for more money."
- B. Casey

"Congratulations to this amazing web hosting service!"
- R. Santana

"I came to DiscountASP.NET in an emergency during an online survey (it took less than 30 minutes to sign up, copy and point to it), after lousy hosting from three companies and have since added two more websites. The ease of setting up databases and .NET applications that work immediately is amazing. I am not a professional - I was initially wary of the lack of a phone number, but the only difficulties I have had are my technical shortcomings - that's my problem, not theirs. If DiscountASP.NET spent their time on the phone with [everyone] I'd be paying more, or getting less."
- I. Thomas

"First off I'd like to thank you for your great service you guys have provided me with over the last years. You constantly try to improve your service, and the great thing is, that you guys do it by getting your clients involved (surveys) rather than just making the decision yourself. There are similar services out there, which are a little bit cheaper, but the customer service I receive from you and the trust that has build up over the last years its worth for me paying the extra 3 dollars per month."
- J. Gonser

"Thanks! Man, you guys are fast! Please forward to your supervisor if applicable, because I am VERY satisfied with DiscountASP.NET's service and competency. I will definitely recommend and use your company for every client I have the opportunity to work with!"
- B. Dossey

"DiscountASP.NET is exactly what I need to help grow my business. I can add size and bandwidth as I please and tech support is always quick and responsive to my needs..... Thank you, I think you guys have a great service. Quick and friendly turnaround as well!"
- W. Arnett

"Your solution worked perfectly and smoothly. As usual, your response was quick and I am quickly becoming your number one fan. Keep up the great work!"
- M. Cordasco

"Our site is currently using ASP.NET 2.0 along with your basic SQL Server 2005 addon. In addition, we are using email forwarding along with a few email accounts. Setup and configuration of all of these items was very easy thanks to your well designed control panel. I would also like to add that I have been extremely pleased with how simple it is to update the site as well as the database objects and data when needed. We have had no problems so far with any of our site's functionality. I am very happy to have found a hosting service that does a great job catering to those of us who use .NET. Keep up the great work!!!"
- Todd

"Keep up this type of customer service and you'll have a customer for life! Thanks a million."
- M. Tee

"Your awesome!!! It worked great. DiscountASP.NET is the 4th (YES THE FOURTH) hoster I have come to get my site listed, and the ONLY one to successfully have it work!! All thanks to this forum and the excellent support from your technical support department."
- MikeB

"Thank you. BTW: I love the service! I moved my .com here some time ago... easier to use than my former server."
- J. Nelson

"I can't believe I'm writing this e-mail but... I signed a client up with DiscountASP.NET because the price seemed reasonable and I needed ASP services. When loading a sample html page for them on your servers I was actually startled at how fast it loaded. I thought my satellite connection might simply be running particularly fast, as it does on rare occasions, so I blew the cache on my machine and loaded the same page from *my* server. Big difference. Heck, guys, I was just looking for a good deal, I wasn't expecting it to be fast as well! I will be switching my own account to DiscountASP.NET."
- J. Siebel

"I've to say that I LIKE YOUR HOSTING SERVICE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH... After 3 years of hosting my application and facing problems because of performance, or bad support. I tried DiscountASP.NET and I found that they are the best for shared hosting. I tried 3 host provider before DiscountASP.NET but after working with DiscountASP.NET, I've to say they are the best. Thanks."
- M. Eraky

"Great job guys !!!! I recently moved from another hosting service after 3 years because they were going to take "yet another 30" days to offer 2.0. Couldn’t wait any longer. Came across DiscountASP.NET on the site. Their service was fast, got my account activated in a day (the old to new dns changes took a while but that’s standard and beyond anyone’s control). Prompt replies to emails and queries. Could visit the control panel almost instantly. Everything works like a charm. So far So Good."
- K. Murthy

"I have been with DiscountASP.NET for more than 2 years now and I have been extremely satisfied with the minimal (almost non-existent) downtime of my website. Good business relationships are one of the most important aspects of my work as a lead software architect for a mid-sized enterprise software consulting firm. I look forward to continuing to build our relationship and wish you continued success."
- N. Katz

"I can’t tell you how impressed I am with your technical support. I have had several technical support issues, all were handled extremely quickly. I will be recommending your service to my friends."
- B.K. Williams

"I just wanted to say thank you. I didn't know that was the case with the .config and I appreciate the help. Your turn-around time was incredibly fast! Thanks again..."
- M. Hildner

"I've had my DiscountASP.NET account for sometime and am very pleased with it."
- Anonymous Post

"We develop and sell software online. We also develop web-based software for our customers. I was a bit timid about trusting a discounted service with our commercial internet needs much less our customers' needs. However, taking the chance to trust DiscountASP.NET is one of the best business decisions I have made. We are regularly moving our customer sites to DiscountASP.NET and have moved all of our web presence to DiscountASP.NET. Excellent service! Excellent prices! Dependability! Flexibility!"
- B. Kostecki

"Thank you!!!!!! The email seems to be working great for us!!! Now I know why your company rated so high in the customer service area, which was one of the reasons why we chose you to be our new provider. Who ever gets this email let everyone know who helped me it was much appreciated!!!!!!! Have a great day!!!!"
- B. Olivo

This comment came in during New Years Holiday... "Someone is working today, and I just wanted to say Happy New Year and Thank You."
- O. Johnson

"These guys are great. I host several websites with DiscountASP.NET, and I have been very happy. Their service is great: the turnaround time on responses to questions is excellent, and I haven't experienced any downtime. I hosted with another popular company (whom I won't name) and experienced a day of downtime within my first week of service. Needless to say, I canceled and switched back to DiscountASP.NET immediately. Their control panel is so much easier to use than most I've seen. These guys know their stuff."
- G. Hughes

"Great value and quality hsoting company! I host several websites with DiscountASP.NET and I'm very happy with them! "You get what you pay for" doesn't hold true here, because I could host 3 websites at DiscountASP.NET for the cost of one elsewhere. While the available ASP/.NET components are targeted for developers like myself, anyone who wants Windows hosting could host here. I've never seen any downtime and no problems, A+++ for DiscountASP.NET!"
- Billtei

"I have been very satisfied with DiscountASP.NET... you proactively communicate with your customers and run a solid, reliable service."
- K. Floyde

"Since 2.0 is Beta, very few companies have dared to make it available for hosting. This leaves us developers in the position of being able to create applications in it, but not able to host them and expose them to the real world. DiscountASP.NET, however, has gone against the norm and has accounts available so that you can publish your ASP.NET 2.0 applications today. This is huge!!! If you are a consultant that wants stay ahead of the curve and publish your 2.0 applications, you will definitely want to check them out."
- D. Silverlight, Microsoft MVP - XML

"I have used DiscountASP.NET for projects that required external web hosting. In my personal experience, I've found DiscountASP.NET server response rates to be quite good. Plus, whenever I had a question, the customer service representatives were very responsive. All in all, it has been a great experience. "
- R. Morris, co-founder of

"My first experience with a Web hoster has been GREAT. I made the right choice going with DiscountASP.NET."
- Albanello

"Prior to running [my current company] I was VP of Marketing at three silicon valley companies and valued customer feedback. So here is some feedback for you that I hope will be helpful. We purchase about 50 domain names per year from GoDaddy ... We prefer to host at DiscountASP.NET and always recommend to our customers that they also host at DiscountASP.NET. GoDaddy asked me why we did this ... My reply to GoDaddy was that ... DiscountASP.NET was for the more technical. They are not as knowledgeable as the support at DiscountASP.NET..."
- R. Hatton

"If you would have been in front of me, I would have kiss you !!!! I've been trying to install these starter kits many times, without success ... Your solution works perfect! Thank you."
- F. Agnes

"By the way, you guys rock!"
- L. Dumond

"Well, I've just been registered for the last few weeks with DiscountASP.NET and so far I can say I've enjoyed the experience for the following reasons: 1. Excellent service at a fair price. 2. Quick and effective response from Tech Support. 3. Patience was shown consistantly and a generally good, productive ambiance in forums. 4. Fast implementation of newest technology while still being careful not to be over-enthusiastic. Kudos to all the staff and keep up the good work! I've already started recommending you to my friends and other clients. Cheers!"
- M. Voyer

"This is great news.... you guys provide an amazing service at such a great price. Keep it up!!"
- D. Arbuthnot

"Thank you for such a quick response!"
- D. Thomas

"Thank you very much for your help. I just wanted to say that I'm very happy with the terrific prompt service that your company provides. Thanks for doing such a great job!"
- J. Munger

"I've just migrated my app from the [ASP.NET 2.0 Beta 2] sandbox to the live [ASP.NET 2.0] environment and the whole operation was relatively painless. Next Thursday, I'm attending the offical launch of ASP.NET 2.0 over here in Ireland with my first app already live. Nothing like being ahead of the game, Thanks,"
- D. Brennan

"Thank you very much for distributing such an incredible service! I have been subscribed with you since one week and I find the service incredible."
- B. Lambert

"You guys have the best support ever!!! I appreciate your help and follow up. As always a fantastic job on your support and communication!"
- S. Tularak

"Terriffic service! Thanks so much for the quick turnaround. Many companies could learn from you."
- M. Wonacott

"Thanks for a great service."
- F. Smith

"... all I did was FTP my current site up to my new one and then re-point DNS via EasyDNS where [my domain] is parked. The transition was painless and the response from the site is certainly much improved. The administration console provided by DiscountASP.NET is pretty darned good and I have done this whole transition without having to talk to a human being. Not bad."
- D. Starr

"Thank you so much for increasing the bandwidth and the storage capacity. This is a great help for our church website as well as the others I host with you guys. I am so glad I made the switch about a year ago. Choosing DiscountASP.NET was the best web hsting decision I could've ever made. Thanks for all you do and again thanks for being the best web hsoting company on the web."
- C. Hines

"I host couple of sites with you. I just LOVE your services. I think you are the best web hostng company ever. I actually use my control panels more then I spend time with my girlfriend :) Kind regards and keep up the excellent work !!"
- K. Emin

"I absolutely appreciate the degree of stability and robustness DiscountASP.NET offers."
- N. Muneshwar

"Thanks for your usual quick response."
- R.

"So much better then Goda... you know who. I am more than pleased. Quick set up, fast servers, full function SQL Admin Panel (not the slimmed down junk others offer), and the list goes on. Thank you!! And keep it up."
- P. Chasse

"You guys rock. Just so you know.. I've started building small business sites for e-commerce and other customers on a regular basis. I use your web hostin/database site exclusively. I tell everyone how your site hositng is easy, affordable and on the absolute top of the technical field. I've been a microsoft software developer for almost 10 years and your site has made it easy and practical for me to develop website applications and e-commerce applications for my customers. Your site really is like finding a diamond in the street. The other companies out there don't compare very well against what you offer. I have transferred databases and full sites from my home office and corporate workplace to a new site on DiscountASP.NET. It literally takes me a few minutes to set things up and working. This means that I'm not intimidated at all when it comes to taking on new customers and projects."
- M. Tennenhouse

"I am impressed! We made the right choice. Your service is great, value-priced, full-featured and getting started with an ASP.Net Database application was simple beyond hopes. I like the KB articles (especially the hints in the appropriate areas). So far, no need to sift hundreds of FAQs, Blogs or seventy gazillion KB articles. Seems you guys listened to the customer and tweaked information and site organization to help us succeed quickly. Thanks for meeting all the expectations set in your [marketing] web site. DiscountASP.NET present a fine example of truth in advertising."
- W. Sully

"After months of Hell driving through 3 different ASP hosts, slow, off and tons of errors and sites down, it seems we finally found the fastest most reliable ASP host. Tech support is FAST and GOOD, .... Try them and you wont be disappointed... we are on with them for 30 days and all is cool and great so far."
- J. Daxter

"I would also like to commend you on an excellent web hoting control panel. After dealing with several hosts, ranging from small to huge, I can say I have not seen a hosting control panel as extensive as yours."
- S. Engelman

"That has to be the quickest set-up I have ever seen... fabulous service... thank you... I never expected to be able to put a site live within an hour of registering a new domain! :-) I knew I was making the right choice in switching all of my clients accounts over (eventually) to you guys. Thanks again"
- J. McSwiney

"Your revamped Usage Summary/Manager is soooooo much better than the old one. Instead of going back and forth with tech support, we can now manage our own web space. Nice job DiscountASP.NET!!"
- D. Pizzari

"Thank you. The speed, accuracy, and thoroughness of support is, as always, superior."
- C. Puglisi

"You guys are quick and awesome. Thank you!"
- S. Dharanipragada

"You guys are the best!! I always recommend you to as many people as I can. Your support is the best I have ever worked with and I've work with large companies on a daily basis, such as IBM, Cybersource, Vignette and they can't even come close to your company's great support. Thanks again!"
- S. Tularak

"I develop computer systems, all of them works over Internet, I was tired of changing from one to another web hsting provider - until I found DiscountASP.NET. All that you need to run your systems great is found on DiscountASP.NET!! And thanks for your great support guys!!! Each time I require a service from you, you always respond quick, efficiently and with an excellent customer support. For some reason (I know why) you are the BEST HOSTING COMPANY OF THE WORLD! Best regards!"
- O. Ramos

"I just wanted to say thank you for your latest innovation, the master control panel. Great work. Makes my life easier!! When I was looking for a site ...I was looking for ASP.NET support, good tech support, reliable service and all at a reasonable price. I went with DiscountASP.NET for my own small personal site to 'try you out' and see if you were as good as your reviews.... When I launched my small business site I decided to also put it onto DiscountASP.NET... I now have 4 hosting sites on DiscountASP.NET and I will probably have more. What has appealed to me most over the last 10 months is how you regularly ask for feedback on what features would be useful, and then you actually implement them!! So rare for service providers nowadays. I am also very pleased that your support guys provide professional and knowledgeable support when I need it. Also rare nowadays. I hope you get lots more new clients and can provide ever improving services for people like myself!!"
- P. Nolan

"You are the best. I have be building web sites and dealing with providers since 1986 and I have never had such and effortless experience coming to DiscountASP.NET. Our site has special needs, we use sub domains, redirects and a SQL db. Setting up the site and adding the options were easy. Actually your control panel is great. This was the first time I completely set up this site and I NEVER needed to contact Customer Support for help with something. My users didn't even know the site moved. I am looking forward to years of working with you. But I feel the only time you will ever hear from me is to shout your praises. Great Job"
- S. Wright

"I just finished moving my site to DiscountASP.NET. Everything worked like a dream, even though I am using some advanced capababilities (WSE 2.0, graphics streaming, auto e-mail, etc.). You responded very quickly to the two special requests that I had. Your control panel works great, and your servers are faster than my last hoster. Thanks!"
- B. Hart

"Master login... Brilliant... Well done and thanks."
- S. Leslie

"I just signed-up and as a 10 year customer of web hostin, I can say I'm very impressed with your control panel."
- M. A. Smith

"Thanks. Your support is much better than the hosting company we are currently using for our other domains."
- C. Benton

"Thank you so much! I just want to say how pleasantly surprised I am of the excellent service you provide. Thanks again!"
- I. Cohen

"Thanks. You guys are always on the money and quick to answer. Keep it up."
- J. Venn

"Thanks! You guys do a great job!"
- D. Miller

"You people are fabulous."
- A. Kushin

"Great! You guys are really wonderful to deal with. You run across so many different types of business owners and associates being the owner of a small business but you guys are always so helpful and pleasant!"
- J. Carberry

"Thank you very much. Your support staff is always responsive, reliable, and anticipating needs of the developer. I appreciate your work."
- S. Quinn

"I've been a web developer since the early 90's and used a lot of different web hoting companies. I found [DiscountASP.NET] quite by accident about a year ago... being unhappy with one I was hosting a few small accounts with, I put a site for a new client on DiscountASP.NET. I was impressed! As time goes on I've been moving all my sites to DiscountASP.NET. Still have a few more to go but you'll get them.... Thanks for your help and a great service!"
- F. Smith

"Thanks so much for the help and the UNBELIEVABLY quick response. This is by far the best tech support I have ever received. Thanks you once again for helping to resolve my issues so quickly."
- T. Sherfy

"It works great now... thank you soooo much for all your help and quick responses. Thanks"
- D. Piper

"Thank you. I'll always recommend your web hositng service to my friends and coworkers!"
- A. Goldman

"It's been a year that I have hosted my site on your servers. Recently, I developed a website for a client of mine and they opted for the cheaper option. After dealing with a rather inferior client interface and dreadfull client support we still haven't got the site online and working properly. So this is just a quick 10/10 email to say how great it has been dealing with such a professional outfit such as DiscountASP.NET."
- C. Vosloo

"I use [DiscountASP.NET] to host a community starter kit for our homeowners association. It has NEVER,EVER crashed or been unavailable in the 1.5 years its been up. They do so much free stuff for you it's insane: free controls, free 2.0 test accounts, free setup and installation of CSK. And they've put up with my noob questions. [DiscountASP.NET] just rocks. Period."
- J. Brown

"Thanks a lot again for the very fast reply! Your service is great and I like your web hosting since the first use! The configuration is great automated and easy. You are doing a very good job."
- A. Flaum

"Great web hsoting site. I'm really enjoying working on DiscountASP.NET!"
- N. Michaels

"You guys are the most personal hosting company I've ever used.... Must tell you guys, I love how fast everything works with you. I've had my sites hosted at tons of places and never have I gotten such a quick response like I always do with you guys... I've already talked to 2 of my friends and they should be both on their way to sign up with you guys."
- O. Thorarensen

"I have been meaning to send you a message about the improvements in your service and the web-site that you have recently made. The service has always been outstanding and it continues to maintain a high level of accuracy and promptness! For the Microsoft SQL Server service you have made great strides with these items: The ability to obtain additional databases; Additional user accounts per database; And, when using the SQL tools only the client's databases are displayed. My compliments to the teams that have worked on these and the many other improvements to the site."
- J. LaCombe

"Thank You! It works great!!! Your support is awesome! ... I really do appreciate the quick response and solutions you have provided."
- L. Burlingame

"Thanks, I rewrote the code and it works now... you guy's are amazing. I usually wait 2 days for a reply from tech support from other companies... keep up the great services..."
- K. Ramsey

"I just canceled with a different hosting service because I could never get support. It took two days for my account to be activated when I originally signed up...Should have known. I got support today in about 20 minutes from DiscountASP.NET, while not even being a customer. This led me to set up an account which was active in less than 5 minutes. Thank you."
- P. Richardson

"Just wanted to say, while I happen to be doing housekeeping on my site, that I really appreciate how well you guys do your jobs. I've been through several providers in the five years I've had a site, and you guys elegantly outclass 'em. It strikes me that you guys probably really enjoy working for your company, as I do mine. Your website: stuff just works. Everything is clean-looking and functional. The functionality inspires confidence. The confidence leads me to talk you up with people looking to switch providers. I'm really happy to be your customer."
- S. Spangenberg

"Good customer service and your system works great. I have tried many other web hosting sites, and yours has been a great pleasure."
- R. St.Louis

"Tech Support saved my tail yesterday. I will be purchasing an additional site from you guys next week (If not sooner)."
- S. Blosser

"I am all set. Thank you so much! Your service is really great. I wish your business a great success! Keep good work."
- W. Dong

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"Wow. Your service is exceptional. Quick easy and fast!"
- M. S. Goldfarb

"Congrats on the award! I love your service, and I am very happy to be a DiscountASP.NET customer! Thanks again!"
- A. Miller

"Just wanted to say thank you. I've only been with you for less than a week, previously with Interland (Innerhost before that) but your support and service has been incredible. Very quick turnaround for support problems, I feel like your team are actually reading my emails and I'm getting the answers I want first time round (Interland would take up to 5 round trips). The knowledge base is JUST what I want. Simple straight answers. The control panel is brilliant, it is so easy to navigate and I have all the answers at hand. The web site transferred without any problems, the website has been up all the time and it also seems a lot faster than Interland. Everything works, it has been very smooth. I am extremely impressed. Thank you"
- R. England

"Thank you! I like the speed of your service!"
- C. McGraw

"I am constantly amazed at the support I receive from DiscountASP.NET and am wondering if there is any way I can help the company gain recognition? I already have recommended your services to many different friends, and I believe a few have signed up. Once again, thank you very much for dealing with my inquires in the most quick, professional way possible."
- N. Reed

"I am a web developer. I have been using your service for 2 years, and I just want to say 'Thanks for your perfect service.' I have now 7 sites hosting with you, and everything works perfectly. Now I just finished setting up connectiong to SQL Server 2000 using Enterprise Manager, and that is perfect. OK, I just want to say Thanks! and continue with your great work!"
- M. Paz

"First of all I want to thank you again for the excellent support you are providing and for fast responses you do. It is very nice to know that there is a person who can tackle all the problems I'm creating. You are doing great job!!!"
- S.

"Thank you for you courteous and professional consideration in this matter. It is this type of attitude that distinguishes DiscountASP.NET from other web hoting solutions. I will initiate the process as you have suggested. Thank you again..."
- S. Shepherd

"I've had almost nothing but good experiences with DiscountASP.NET. Great customer support, fantastic hosting product."
- A. Lupo

"DiscountASP.NET is a .NET host that I recommend. The advanced features that they offer and their knowledgable tech support (i.e. knowledgable in ASP.NET, not just hosting) makes them, in my opinion, one of the premier .NET hosts out there today."
- iration

"Wow!!! How is that for support! You got it exactly right. Thank you so much!"
- J. Schneider

"Thanks to everyone for all your patience and perseverance trying to fix my ... problem. It is now working fine! ... You have been extremely helpful, it's been a pleasure to work with you! Thanks!"
- G. Martinez

"One reason we like your service is because we can run the ASP.NET portal called "DotNetNuke". For the version we have, it installed on your system in less than 30 seconds. I personally have two accounts with you, and I am working for a startup, which is the third account. I moved them over from Verio because we could not get the portal to run on their system. Keep up the good work. And nice new bandwidth graphs! This is something I had suggested. Your team is great!"
- T. Sweet

"thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, ... I love your service!"
- P. Brown

"Thanks again for your help, especially considering your continued assistance is outside of your remit. Yet another gold star for DiscountASP.NET, you continually exceed expectations and far outshine your competitors."
- R. Williams

"Brilliant! Thank you so much!! I'm very impressed that you followed this up and even contacted me direct to let me know about it - I'll berecommending you to my colleagues."
- N. Staudt

"Hey I just wanted to drop a line and tell you what a wonderful service you provide. I previously used to bounce from hoster to hoster every 6 months because they would change their prices or services or both. I've been with ya'll now for a year and a half now and your are giving me more for the same price. I could not be happier with your hosting."
- S. D. King

"I thought it was interesting that DiscountASP.NET received best hosting honors [in asp.netPRO magazine 2005 Readers Choice Award]. I've been using these guys for over a year now and I've been very happy with their service."
- S. Hebert

"Well once again you have come through. I cannot stress enough how helpful you are and how fast this was resolved. Thank you again."
- D. Ollar

"Thanks for the excellent info. This is what I love about DiscountASP.NET."
- M. Jordan

"I just wanted to let you know that I have once again signed up as a DiscountASP.NET customer. I originally cancelled my account during a consolidation of my web hostng accounts. My business has of late shown a requirement for technology. I immediately thought of your company and the stellar service I received in the past."
- M. Nunnikhoven

"I have just started, transfered my domain, ftp-ed first site, now am opening email accounts and couple of forwards as I write this. I am a hard-to-please kind of guy, always watching out for the stuff to complain about. Given the low price point, lowest I could find for about a week of research time, for the requirements list that includes ASP, ASP.NET and Access database, I was expecting you to become an easy prey. So far, however, I have nothing to complain about. Frustrating, but true. Keep up good work, gentlemen."
- M. Kariv

"Lot's of tools, Great KB, Fast Customer Service and Support. Initial setup was a breeze. The online KB is excellent and contains a lot of very good information with sample code. Customer Service and Support is Fast and Reliable. One thing I noticed immediately was the stability and speed of the server my site is on. Leaps and bounds above my prior ISP."
- S. Blosser

"I just changed my site over to .NET and hosting it with DiscountASP.NET and so far you products/services are exceptional. It's nice that when you buy something, it doesn't disappoint you. Your professionalism and quality are rare and appreciated. Thank you."
- K. Evers

"I'm trying not to be cheesy here, but your support team has been responsive to all of my questions for the past 8-9 months (as long as I have been registered with DiscountASP.NET). I really appreciate your hard work and am glad that I chose DiscountASP.NET as my provider."
- J. Lavender

"DiscountASP.NET has a huge range of features for ASP and .NET developers, yet their service has been very reliable and their support has been helpful. And their pricing is extremely affordable! My site was on three hosts prior to them, and I'm so glad I found them. It's hard to get more bang for your buck than with DiscountASP.NET."
- anonymous post

"Thank you for increasing the bandwidth, storage capacity and MSSQL Server storage! You guys ROCK! I am so pleased I chose you all to take care of my hosting needs. Keep up the great work!"
- C. Hines

"We had such headaches deploying Crystal Reports and were happily surprised to see that you were ALSO hosting Microsoft Reporting Services which ties in nicely with SQL Server! Now we really have all the tools we need to build serious enterprise applications for our clients. And at your pricing, it would be hard to justify running our own servers, with all the hardware, software, bandwidth, backup, and maintenance costs. Good work! It's refreshing to see a forward-thinking company doing all the right things. We can focus on the code, you can focus on the hosting -- It's outsourcing at its best!"
- N. Michaels (Testimonial #2)

"This is an absolutely incredible service that you are providing!! We are going to completely rebuild our website on the ASP.NET 2.0 framework, and as I anxiously await my copy of VS2005 Beta 2 I was also nervously drumming my fingers wondering if and how Discount ASP.NET was going to incorporate this framework into its servers on the GoLive Beta. Much to my absolute delight you have (as usual) gone above and beyond the call of duty in addressing this issue well ahead of my needs. You have continued to solidify [me] as a loyal customer. Thanks DiscountASP.NET!!!!"
- T. Stevens

"DiscountASP.NET has a huge range of features for ASP and .NET developers, yet their service has been very reliable and their support has been helpful. And their pricing is extremely affordable! My site was on three hosts prior to them, and I'm so glad I found them. It's hard to get more bang for your buck than with DiscountASP.NET."
- anonymous

"WOW! I was a little worried about building any serious app with the previous limits, but these new limits are just Perfect!!! I can build my app and don't have to go elsewhere. What can I say, you guys just ROCK!! and also a big thanks for the free ASP.NET 2.0 Beta 2 test account ...we REALLY needed that too!"
- N. Michaels (Testimonial #1)

"This email is to congratulate and thank you for your cooperation, and your prompt service; outside of your regular business hours. I look forward to further great service over the next 12 months and beyond. Many thanks again. Best regards."
- N. C. Nightingale

"I have used about 6 or 7 different ISPs for my personal, business and client's sites. DiscountASP.NET is the best. I feel you listen to your customers (like me!). I asked for more SQL Server disk space and you doubled it. I also appreciate the increase in web disk space and bandwidth. I will be moving two more domains to DiscountASP.NET over the next couple weeks."
- T. Antonucci

In response to the ASP.NET 2.0 Beta Hosting program launch: "Just Amazing! You guys are making a wonderful job there. That is why I decided to be your customer. Congrats"
- L. Suarez

"Thank you very much for your persistent support and reminding me that I need to keep my hosting with you. Thanks again for your tireless effort and helping me validate my boasts that your company is the best thing since sliced cheese! Cheers!!!"
- J. Nelson

"Over the past year I have tried a number of companies providing ASP.NET hosting, and have experienced so-so service. After reading some very good reviews about DiscountASP.NET, I decided to try them and so far have not looked back. Their turnaround - from the initial setup of my account, to setting up additional components, to answering questions - has been flawless and superquick to date. How refreshing to deal with a company who builds its solid reputation on good old fashioned customer service. The list of features you get for your money is very long. Server speed has been extremely fast and reliable. Account menu and configurations area is extremely easy to use - ordering additional components very simple process. Pricing is extremely competitive for those on tight budgets or who have a large qantity of sites to host."
- James G.

"Once again, you guys have come through for me. Please commend [your team on their] great attention to your forum and his quick and accurate responses. Your service has helped my small business get started. We just sold our services to our first large customer, mostly due to the web application I developed on DiscountASP.NET. Thanks!"
- A. Ibarguen

"Based on my experience to date, DiscountASP.NET is a company that has built its reputation on providing impeccable customer service, and technical support that has worked hard to resolve issues within minutes. In this day and age of companies shying away from such service, it is wonderful to see DiscountASP.NET leading by example. Many thanks to all for their generous assistance to date, and I can assure you of passing on the good word to my fellow colleagues."
- J. Goris

"Again I am impressed with your quick response and outstanding customer service. Keep up the great work!"
- B. Finley

"Thank your very much. I must say how delighted and impressed I am with the quality and speed of support you provide!"
- C. Gamsu

"I am writing to tell you that in the midst of what is easily our most intense time of year from a usage standpoint, DiscountASP.NET has weathered us very well. We are a state high school athletic association, and right now we are in the midst of our state high school basketball championships. A whole lot of interested folks are coming to our site to find out scores, statistics and updates, and if they can't get to what they want I hear about it. In the six years I have endured this time frame this is easily the smoothest tournament time I've enjoyed. Thanks so much for great service and support. It's a relief knowing that I don't have to worry about our service during our crunch time."
- T. Stevens

" I have used DiscountASP.NET for about a year now and I have found their services reliable and reasonably priced. I spent some time researching the alternatives before choosing them for my web art gallery which has been online for over 10 years. In particular the email support provided has been excellent with prompt replies and the ability to exchange ongoing emails with the person providing the support. They go out of their way to help you even when the problem is not theirs.."
- J. Holton

"I am very impressed with the speedy setup of my SQL DB and with the online admin software you provide. I was able to easily and quickly create and populate a table etc. I'll be looking to get Enterprise Manager and Query Analyser at some point, but the tools you provide are excellent. So, thanks for the excellent service :-)"
- L. Mooch

"I would like to say that I have 2 accounts with your company and could not be more satisfied. Sure there are cheaper routes to follow, but they don't offer a third of the third party controls you offer for free to your customers. I could not be more satisfied."
- D. Keating

"Thanks so much again. Your customer support and service is impeccable. I've never had a problem or question that you didn't solve immediately. Regards."
- A. Ibarguen

"Thank you - I am extremely impressed with your service."
- M. Briggs

"As I stated in an earlier correspondence, your [support] and the sales teams have been the most responsive groups that I have worked with in a lonnnnnnng time. Keep up the fine work."
- J. LaCombe

"I wanted a host with a commitment to ASP and ASP.NET. I analyzed many hosts and determined that DiscountASP.NET provided one of the best values available. I manage three different accounts with them and have been impressed with the performance. Every ASP or ASP.NET application I have installed has worked extremely well. I have needed very little support, but the few questions I have had were answered promptly and with good attention to detail."
- Scott H.

"Your help is great. My problem was solved under your excellent job. Please accept my appreciation of your service. Thank you so much. My best regards to all of you."
- X. Zhang

"Thank you so very much for taking care of that. You continue to amaze me with you professionalism and timely tech support. You have always taken care of me and my clients and I am very grateful. Keep up the great work!"
- J. Cochran

"I'm quite impressed with your speed of response to our organization's inquiries and change orders. At this time our executive team is considering moving most (if not all) of our clients' websites to your service."
- Wilfred

"It is easy for hosting companies to post a page of "features" with impressive stats or a low price, but what really matters is if they can back it up with service and support, and DiscountASP.NET does exactly that. They have amazing support, amazing attention to detail and are constantly striving to make their service and their offerings better."
- Anonymous from Ann Arbor, MI, USA

"DiscountASP.NET Rocks! I know that generally people will write only to complain so I thought I would drop a note to say how pleased I am. So, as I get ready to renew for another year I say thanks for a job well done. P.S. I am also an MCSE 2000 and I love your UI "
- B. Foland

"That worked!! Thanks so much for the solution in such a short period of time (and on the weekend, no less). Have a good one."
- J. Jones

"Thanks for the help and please keep up the great support with such a quick response time."
- B. Lanter

"Thanks!! You have saved my life :) Excelent service and quick response... This is a 10 for you!"
- O. Ramos

"This is ridiculous... at how EASY it was to migrate my site!!! I can't believe it. I followed your KB article to the tee and everything went off without a hitch. Migrating about 18MB of data took no time and the site seems to work perfectly as it was originally set up on another hosting provider. You guys are also priced PERFECTLY, and much more competitive than your competition. Heck, most of them didn't know what CSK was... But you guys installed it within about an hour of me signing up. Unbelievable. You have no idea how happy this makes me as a new customer. Keep up the good work."
- S. Kaplan

"Just wanted to drop a line and say THANKS... this is THE BEST hosting service I've tried, and I've tried many. The speed, the INSTANT setup, and the control panel that gives me full control is by FAR the best I've worked with. Thanks Thanks Thanks!"
- C. Kirk

"Thanks again for your prompt and accurate response. You guys rock!"
- S. Bennington

"The best host I have come across. The have all the features you can think of for a nominal monthly price and tons of add-ons. The support is very good.... I am very happy hosting with them."
- Prashant

"I just wanted to say that you are doing an amazing job of offering top quality dotnet hosting at an affordable price. I was surprised how smooth your signup process is. All the associated services came on immediately (email, ftp, dns, etc), which was great since I was pressed for time. Keep up the great work!"
- J. K. Croney, Program Manager, Microsoft ASP.NET Team

"Thank-you for such a fast turn around on enabling SSL and for holding my hand along the way. I am very glad that I recommended your company for hosting to clients I develop websites for."
- R. Grady

"Beautiful! You guys are amazing! Your support never ceases to impress me."
- J. Schneider

"Just wanted you to know that your quick response yesterday, saved my day. Thanks"
- T. Regev

"We appreciate so much your support. We are very happy with you we had had an excellent experience and almost 100% free problems and when there is any problem we get the solution in just 30 minutes. Your support team is the heart of the company. Nowadays the support and service is almost the 90% of the core of a company and your team works excellent. Maybe they already know me very well because we often ask for technical questions, and so on but they give us a great treat and with the right answer."
- A. Vazquez

"Thank you so much! I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your excellent service! I will continue to shout your name from the mountain tops!"
- B. Richardson

"I was very impressed at how quickly I set the site up and specifically, the instructions on the DotNetNuke setup. I had it loaded in about 4 minutes or so. Please pass that along. :)"
- T. Sweet

"The new SQL admin tool is what I was looking for. I'm really glad we chose you all for our hosting. Keep up the great work!!!!!"
- B. Hale

"I am an ASP/VB.NET/ASP.NET programmer, and have been writing online database-driven web applications for 10 years. IMHO, DiscountASP.NET offers the best valued web hosting package around. They have a comprehensive list of tools and controls freely available to hosted sites too. Their customer service is customer-oriented, and the Help and FAQ areas are chocked full of content."
- J. Miotke

"Thank you very much for all your help. I have tried many different web providers and have never had this kind of support. I appreciate your patience with me making life simpler for me."
- J. Brock

"We frequently recommend your company to our clients and it is superb customer service like this that drives us to do so. Thanks again!"
- J. Fisher

"Hooray! You have a great tool for building and maintaining SQL Server databases! Thank you for providing this functionality!"
- N. Goldman

"Very impressive service! Thanks for your timely response and action! So far, absolutely no regrets in partnering with you to host our web site!"
- D. North

"Worked perfectly! Thanks for the speedy response! You guys are awesome!"
- W. John

"For the past several weeks I have tried and tried to find a hosting company that could effectively handle my needs. Four companies later I find you guys and all I can say is I wish I had found you first. I have dealt with the biggest bunch of idiots with these other companies who seem like they don't actually have a clue how .net works. So, I just want to say THANK YOU for providing the services the way they are supposed to be handled. The setup was quick and easy and my page worked perfectly fine the first time (on the temp url). You have no idea how much of a relief this is to finally have good hosting. I am the web developer for the company I work for and right now we are having the same problem there (trying to find a good host) but I will surely be pushing to have them switch to you guys."
- M. Haynes

"I am the Manager of Web Development for our site. I would like to say "THANK YOU!" to everyone there who makes your interface to manage our site. It's absolutely, hand downs, the best interface I have ever encountered in my over 13 years in the profession. I was able to nearly flawlessly setup the entire site with an hour or two."
- S. Davis

"I started feeling that I have made a very right decision by choosing you. Your technical expertise and the concern to the customers problems is really heart winning. I struggled with my earlier hosting provider a lot on technical front and was really never able to get the desired support. You have made a big difference. What I wasn't able to do with them for the past six months, I could get that same working in proper shape in just 3-4 days."
- N. R. Surapaneni

"Thank you! Everything is working correctly. Your great support has made the decision to move all my sites to you easy. I will be moving about 10 sites to your service."
- B. Biddle

"Thank you so much for your quick response. The customer service is another reason I have chosen DiscountASP.NET as my site's host."
- PJ Guibord

"BTW, I'm a new customer and I really like your services so far."
- E. Van Buren

"Thanks guys and I really appreciated your support you are the best :) By the way I work as Technical Support Specialist in a huge corporation here too and I really find your support is more than enough, well done and keep it up"
- F. Soufi

"I have been a customer for over a year. They have been very responsive in all issues to date and I must say far better compared to others."
- P. Singh

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the ease of getting my web-site up and running. Setting up my SQL Server Database and getting my web files uploaded was very easy - everything is working like it does on my local development machine. I was prepared to have some deployment "headaches", but so far, everything has worked beautifully. I had looked at other hosting services that charge a lot more per month (some as much as 10x more). With your low prices and excellent web-server performance/response times, I am glad I went with your service."
- E. Litwin

"Wow. You guys have a great service and provide excellent customer support! It makes me feel comfortable recommending you all the time. :) Thanks!"
- W. Hales

"Thanks for your assistance. You guys had been great. Very efficient. Cheers!"
- Don

"Since I've become a DiscountASP.NET customer I have had nothing but praise and admiration for this company. To begin, prior to becoming a customer I was using a couple of other popular and well known hosting companies. My company is in the business of Computer Consulting and we do a fair amount of website construction. At times past, I may have used several different hosting companies as resources to my customers. However, none of them have come close to the service, price, tools, and benefits of using DiscountASP.NET. In fact, I saved as much as 52% immediately when I switched one of my company's websites over to DiscountASP. Before that I didn't get 'half' of what I now get with this company. I'm in the process of waiting for other customer contracts to expire when I will be switching those over to DiscountASP.NET. In conclusion I can honestly say that I am proud to be one of DiscountASP.NET customers. Thank you."
- T. Wallace

"Thank you so so much! You have the best customer support. I love it. Thanks so much for the great service!"
- L. Asling

"I am truly appreciative of your service. Any time I think of a feature I wish you had -- you have it. And you are batting 1000 in resolving problems that I run into. I hope your service is around forever."
- G. Alter

"Thanks for looking into it for me and thanks a lot for your guys quick responses. I am very impressed overall with the quality and especially timeliness of your guys tech support area. Keep up the good work"
- D. Cottle

"Many thanks for the quick response!"
- M. Daugherty

"Thank you so much for the excellent service...."
- R. Spurgeon

"Thanks for your help. I signed up for the $10/month package and I simply copied my files over and presto - everything worked like a charm. I didn't have to do any configuration changes. Everything was set up as was stated in the literature."
- R. Maillet

"Thank you very much for the excellent support in this matter.... I am very impressed by your support and webserver.... I appreciate your fast turnaround and to the point technical support that lead to simple solutions for my problems. I am glad I found you. Thanks and I am looking to working with you for a long time."
- E. Mildenstein

"I would sincerely like to thank the technical person/s who helped me out... The advice was prompt, efficient and right on the money. I am in Australia so who knows what time it was over there! - great work."
- J. Cannon

"Thanks for your quick response and timeliness with my questions. It is really appreciated and makes a HUGE difference... hence why I remain with you guys!"
- S. Fiske

"Thanks for your rapid reply and help!"
- S. Santikko

"I would like to thank you all on the ease of setting up a domain name and site with you. The forms were straight forward and idiot proof. Being an idiot when it comes to these kinds of tasks I was pleasantly surprised. Your site clearly points out what one gets for their money with extra information for those who need it in order to understand what you are talking about. I thank the DiscountASP.NET team for taking time to make the site user friendly and I certainly will be informing my friends about your site. All the Best"
- A. Mclean

"When severe site issues started cropping up on my site, DiscountASP.NET customer support responded immediately to my requests for help. They stuck with me through the problems until we eventually narrowed down the cause of the problems. Their support was friendly and fast and without their help I would not have been able to fix my issues so fast. This is a great service at cheap prices and I would highly recommend them to any small business."
- D. Zehner

"This is the third site I've set up with you. This is an incredible service for our small business! We will set up a site for each new customer we work on, and we are growing as fast as we can handle. "
- A. Ibarg

"Excellent tech support. Easy to work with, and quick replies to email questions."
- S. Point

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"Thank you for your support - real quick :)"
- J. Gattoni

"Many thanks! You guys are great. Your help was prompt and efficient when I needed you - just one more reason I am a satisfied customer."
- W. Meyers

"Thank you! I have been one of their customers for awhile now - great product. You adding [Graphics Server .NET Charting Component] is just one more reason why your company will continue to host more and more of my and my client's web sites!"
- R. Perritt

"Great service, great support. Over and out, for now."
- T. Robertson

"Our service has been terrific, the site is incredibly dependable and fast. The new services you keep bringing online are great, keep up the good work. Pushing up our site is trivial within Visual Studio.NET. If you're planning on hosting a .NET application I recommend DiscountASP.NET."
- M. Griffin

"My previous host was not willing to move up to ASP.NET, so after doing some research we decided to move to DiscountASP.NET. Even with a detailed database and nearly 20,000 files the entire process took place in an afternoon. The control panel makes setting everything up a breeze, and help is available along the way. I can hardly wait to start using some of the components they have available."
- T. Stevens

"Once again, thank you for your stellar support. I'm very impressed with DiscountASP.NET and have already setup 3 websites with your service. Keep it up!"
- S. Ediger

"Thanks for your help I'm impressed with the way you do your business. You have always been very prompt in your responses, and I'm feeling confident that you will deliver excellent service once our web site is up and running. Thanks again."
- A. Lamper

"I just have to say how happy and pleased I am with your services. I suggested certain features in the last survey, never expecting to actually get them, but you guys came through. I am a web designer, and I recommend your site to all my clients. Keep up the excellent work!"
- A. Akin

"You have no idea how much loyalty you create when you add services at no additional cost (like more space). I've been a very happy user 9 months now, have 2 sites, and recommend you highly to everyone I meet. Keep up the good work! You should be very proud of what you're building.

In the beginning I was nervous having only e-mail support. Of course, there have been minor glitches but the e-mail support was always fast. But more importantly, having my servers hosted by you has cut down 90% of the time I spend fussing with servers. I still run some development servers so I don't forget the headaches associated with hosting your own sites. What makes DiscountASP.NET stand out from the crowd is that in ADDITION to stable and low-cost server hosting, you continue to add components and features. I don't worry that you'll fall behind with current .NET developments. DiscountASP.NET has a passion for what they do and it shows."
- M. Rottersman

"I really appreciated your prompt reply."
- G. Crocetti

"Woot Woot, that I call a quick response. Thanks again for the quick response, one more time satisfaction from your side!"
- Daniel R.

"I just wanted to say that DiscountASP.NET is doing a great job as my host. After positively responding to the customer satisfaction survey and implementing suggestions, I am very pleased as a customer. I am especially pleased about the RichDatePicker. I will be renewing my account with DiscountASP.NET for another year because your service is problem free and ya’ll are willing to listen to your customers. Thank you!"
- S. Keener

"I'm a consultant and I have used many hosting companies over the years and I must tell you I have been very pleased with the service I have received. My site was setup quickly without as hitch and the control panel is very comprehensive and easy to use. The features are exactly what most users need and the cost is very reasonable. I will be moving my other websites over to your service and I will be recommending you to all of my customers who require a Windows hosting service.. Keep up the great work !!!"
- K. Ramsey

"Thanks! Your customer support is stellar."
- J. Dean

"Thanks for your response. By the way, I have to commend you all on your level of service - very quick and knowledgeable."
- P. Thistlethwaite

"This is a GREAT company to do business with. Their prices are REALLY GREAT, and they have almost any option that you may need for your website ALREADY INCLUDED...!!! They had my order taken and my site up within 24 hours, NO PROBLEMS at all."
- D. Richardson

"I am really happy with you folks — I have been using you for a while and I couldn’t be more pleased - the extra components you offer are great."
- E. Katz

"Hey thanks for the increase in storage and bandwidth. You are the best. Keep up the good work."
- T. Antonucci

"Thanks for increasing disk space and bandwidth! You just keep getting better all the time!"
- R. Deigsler

"Thank you so much for your quick response. I cannot say enough about DiscountASP.NET when it comes to customer service. I will continue to recommend your services to my peers."
- C. Taber

"Many Thanks! You guys are the best."
- J. Peterson

"You'all have been very helpful and quick to respond."
- J. Burke

"THANK YOU!! You guys do a great job, and you obviously care about your customers. Tell your manager that I have referred friends to you guys already, and will do so even more now."
- D. Atkins

"Thank you so much for the RAPID response. Your support rocks."
- S. Ediger

"Thanks for the heads-up and quick response!"
- T. How

"This is why I LOVE DiscountASP.NET. Your techincal support is responsive second to none. And ALWAYS ALWAYS friendly and without delay... even for the little guy like me."
- D. Sauer

"Thanks. I really appreciate the quick response from you and anyone I've ever contacted. Happy Customer! :)"
- B. Stewart

"Just wanted to say thanks. This seems to have resolved the issue. You were quick with the response and helpful. Keep up the good work."
- B. Rice

"Thanks a lot for the quick action!"
- C. Ding (another satisfied customer)

"... I just wanted to touch base and let you know that we've been very happy since signing up with DiscountASP.NET. I've also begun to migrate small client applications to this site, and they've been working with abosolutely no problem at all. It's nice to see a webhost who installs both ASP and components correctly and maintains them, and they've been working for us completely problem-free. I anticipate migrating many more domains to your servers over the next couple of years. Keep up the good work!"
- B. Ogle

"My partner and I currenly host [three domains] through your service, with no problems at all. DiscountASP.NET has always been fast, courteous, and the site is NEVER down. We originally hosted through Yahoo! website services -- we could rarely get any response at all from Tech Support, our billing was frequently wrong and the site was down at least 2 to 3 times a week. DiscountASP.NET's reliability and speed has allowed us to add value to our service and gain new clients in the process. Please keep up the good service-- I am thoroughly pleased with DiscountASP.NET."
- R. Warning

"I think you guys do a great job and I have been really happy with the service I have received since signing up with you."
- P. Brook

"Thanks for installing these apps so quickly, you guys are the best!"
- B. Bradley

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed setting up some file trees using Obout. It was very simple and very customizable. Thanks again. As a new customer, it really makes a difference to see progressive features such as this. Rest assured that, at this level of service, I will bring other domains to you in the future."
- M. Reilly

"I am grateful for your expertise – I had hosted [my site] with another company. Nothing magic, just some simple applications that require proper handling of ODBC DSN with MS Access. I loaded the site into the (still) temporary space and tested it – everything is working fine. This problem could not be resolved after two month of talking with the technical staff at the previous site. With you – I didn’t even have to talk, it just worked! Thanks again."
- W. Kraemer

"Thank you so much, that took care of my problem - You guys are great!!!!"
- A. Viges

"Thanks a lot, could not ask for a better result. Again your customer service is top notch, Thanks a lot, Great Work"
- J. Miller

"This is my second site so far using DiscountASP.NET - and I have to say that it has been a VERY smooth transition. I am even using DotNetNuke portals and it is going great!"
- E. Smith

"Firstly, let me congratulate on what a fantastic host you are and I commend you on the excellent services you provide!"
- J. Walker

"Thank you very, very much! You guys do good work...I mean it."
- J. Huff

"Thank you very much. Your service is superb!"
- D. Johnson

"BTW, your support is the best I have seen at any hosting company, software company, or any other company doing business through the internet. You always provide solid answers my questions and you consistently do this in a timely manner."
- M. Mrachek

"Thanks! You guys are great! I'm moving my other web site over to your service."
- W. Duvall

"I have just transferred by Web site from an EXPENSIVE ISP to you and I can only echo the comments from other people who have transferred their Web to you. I only wish I had transferred sooner. I did have concerns about whether or not my Web would continue to function without changing too much code, and apart from changing the code to use ASPMail instead of CDONTS it was a pretty painless exercise. I am most impressed with the speed in which the Web site was made available to me, and also how quickly you were able to create an MS SQL 2000 database. I think the whole process to set up a Web with a SQL database took about 15 minutes, incredible. Well done for providing an affordable, feature rich hosting service (with an excellent control panel). It's excellent value for money and almost too good to be true. I was almost beginning to lose interest in my Web because the monthly payments we just too much (£45) compared to your quarterly charge. What a saving and I get a load more features and FREE access to more ASP components!"
- T. Haylock

"Thanks for you help and quickness in resolving this issue. It is much appreciated. I am very pleased with the service I have so far received."
- B. Rice

"Thank you very much. Great Service!"
- G. Churchley

"I recently moved my ecommerce website to DiscountASP.NET and let me tell you that I am pleased with the service. For $10 a month I am getting so many things built in to my hosting already. A+++"
- P. Parikh

"I had a variety of services with [another ISP]. After paying through the nose for these services and fear of making these changes, I decided to switch to DiscountASP.NET. Not only was this process painless, but your technical support was very nice. In fact, I would say they were extremely patient given the number of questions I had. At the moment, I am finding how easy it is to actually use your system. You have taken the complexity out of domain hosting. Great Job!"
- R. Crane

"I just set up a new account and was amazed at how smoothly it went. The one support question I had was answered promptly. I've had a web site since 1997 with the same ISP. When they merged with a larger company, the service went downhill rapidly. However, I put off switching because I expected it to be a huge hassle. Not so with your company. I was up and running in less than 24 hours. Thanks."
- S. Karten

"You all ROCK! I just have to say that. I am incredibly impressed with the services and support that you have given me over the time you have hosted my apps. I am the training manager for [a large busy] I.T. Training company, and I showcase your products often. I deliver many of our .NET courses, including ASP.NET Web Services, ASP.NET Web Development, Developing Windows Apps with C#, as well as many others. I often refer students to your hosting services, and have had a few students come back and thank me for the referral. It's good to have someone like you that can truly deliver an outstanding product at reasonable prices."
- N. Horton

"Thanks for all your help. This level of service is why we continue to use Thanks again!"
- R. Smith

"PERFECT! Thank you for the detailed reply! You guys are really the best!"
- S. Shepherd

"Once again, you guys come swooping down out of the sky and save the day!!! Thank you so much - you are THE BEST- Hands down. In fact, I am pretty sure that I am going to get the job for the move/create new pieces of an entertainers website. I am definitely moving the site to DiscountASP.NET."
- M. Yamaoka (Testimonial #4)

"Thank you so much....once again the support I receive on DiscountASP.NET is #1 in my book - the best I've ever seen!! DiscountASP.NET is THE BEST hosting site I've ever dealt with. The support here is fantastic!!"
- M. Yamaoka (Testimonial #3)

"I just wanted to tell you guys that once again, your technical support is terrific, and also, I was going thru the Knowlege Base articles to find out how to delete a subweb, and I found the article, followed it's instructions, and poof, the subweb is gone - It is so nice to find something that works the way the instructions say it does!!! Once again DiscountASP.NET is a dream hosting site for a programmer!!! Keep it up."
- M. Yamaoka (Testimonial #2)

"I have had nothing but prompt, helpful support from your support team, and that is more than I can say for a lot of places. It's really been a great experience, so much so that if I do land this development job for an interactive site, is the first place I am going to point my client to deploying her application..... Thank you. You guys are super. All the help is really appreciated!!!"
- M. Yamaoka (Testimonial #1)

"I have to say I'm tremendously pleased with the service I've been getting for the year+ I've been with you. You are always introducing free services and other enhancements."
- T. Sekula

"Thank you, and .. thank you! So far you guys are MUCH much better than the other guys I switched from. I may as well also add that I've been trying - via email and voicemail messages - for 4 - 5 days to cancel that account at the prior web host and have not received a reply nor a confirmation...."
- C. Karo

"Thank You Very Much. You could not have handled that any better. Thanks for the quick response time and everything else. If everyone had customer service like you guys or gals; thing would be so much easier for everyone. Thanks again for the great work and keep it up."
- J. Miller

"I wanted to thank you for all your assistance and your prompt attention to support requests and add-ons. Dealing with you has been a complete pleasure compared to other hosting companies I have dealt with in the past. Please keep up the good work. Your customers greatly appreciate it."
- W. Duvall

"I wish to tell you how impressed I am with your company. All my questions were asked very quickly. I had many problems at my previous web hoster. Due to your organization and .NET experience I was able to settle in quickly. All of the outstanding issues that I was having at the previous site dissolved when I copied my app to your site. Kudos!"
- M. Barron

"You guys rock! Since switching to DiscountASP.NET, I've experienced nothing but pure hosting bliss from a development/administrative perspective. And it's fast and cheap!! Thanks so much!"
- D. McGowan

"Just a short note to say that I've been very impressed with your service. So much so that I have setup 5 web sites with you in just the last few months. Thanks again I'm looking forward to years of using your service."
- D. Vest

"When I switched my site over from another host provider, I found the process easy and hassle-free. The tools that were almost immediately available. You provided me the information I needed to ensure a smooth transition. I moved a database-connected site over without so much as one I would highly recommend to any of my colleagues to use DiscountASP.NET. You are inexpensive compared to many other ASP-centric hosting providers and have the kinds of tools and quickness of support that even more expensive hosts do not provide. Great job, guys, keep up the great work. You guys rock!"
- F. Bria

"Thank you. Your customer support turnaround time is very good, I'm happy to be hosting my business with you."
- T. Johannsen

"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR FAST REPLY! And your explanation is excellent! Thanks again. I'm very happy switching to DiscountASP.NET."
- J. Herrmann

"I just wanted to say you guys are awesome with your response time. Even on a Sunday I can ask questions like this, and get answers not only the same day, but within minutes. Unheard of with any of my past hosting experiences. Thanks very much for all your help."
- R. Koskovick

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with your service so far. I’m in the process of moving my site from another server, and I’ve tried several other servers. Unhelpful people staffed them ..., and they were all totally un-ASP+ friendly (regardless of what they say) and they offered no help whatsoever for Visual Studio or Web Matrix uploads. I now have a FrontPage based site, which I’m managing from both FrontPage and Visual Studio, and it is the easiest time I’ve ever had with a remote server. The Web Application Tool is the only one I’ve seen, and it works! I hope that your service stays at the level and the price that it is now – if so, I’ll be a long time customer and vocal advocate."
- J. Dean

"I want you to know that I really appreciate the email virus protection you are providing. It has been intercepting about 3 virus or potential virus messages per day (broken headers). You continue to offer an excellent level of service and functionality and I recommend your hosting services often."
- G. Nelson

"Beautiful! You guys are amazing! Three minute turn around time! Not bad :) ... I'm currently starting a web development firm and I'm planning on using your services for all my new clients. The price, product and, above all, service makes DiscountASP.NET the best hosting company I've ever come in contact with! Thanks for your great work!"
- J. Schneider

"Thanks for your rapid response."
- F. Junkins

"I would like to extend my compliments to you on your antivirus scan. You blocked three ugly viruses, but more than that, you told me and provided me an opportunity to know that a specific email was blocked so that I might ask a valid sender to clean up his/her mail and resend."
- P. O'Neill

"Thank you very much for your prompt support!"
- O. Caban

"You guys do a fantastic job and are very responsive. Thanks a lot."
- S. Baral

"Hey! I'm pleased by your responses as you've solved my issues!!!! Here's a British Cheers!"
- D. Haworth

"BTW, Your support has been excellent!"
- A. Heifetz

"Thanks for your speedy replies. So far I'm impressed with the level and quality of communication I'm receiving from your company."
- J. Daniels

"Appreciate the extremely quick response back (especially on a Fri evening). Keep up the good work!"
- R. Kakayadi

"By the way, your support response times are excellent."
- P. Conway

"I appreciate DiscountASP service very well! Thanks."
- D. Jan

"Thanks a lot Boss. I must say that I haven't come across any service provider with such a prompt and out of the way support. Your support is really excellent."
- A. Mathur

"I greatly appreciate the help you provided, especially helping point me in the right direction for DNN... Thanks again for the terrific support." and "Once again, thanks for the terrific support."
- J. McVickar

"I JUST created an account and already I am impressed with the online search because I was having issues with Visual Studio. Thanks for creating a developer friendly site..."
- R. Krausse

"I would like to comment on how impressed I am with the speed of your responses, particularly from technical support. Technical support in general within this industry is horrific. For this reason I typically avoid sending support requests and try to come up with a solution/fix myself. Great job and thank you!"
- J. Burgett

"Just wanted to say that you are by far the best hosting company I have used! I currently have two different sites hosted with you and will be bringing at least one more over in the next few weeks. Looking over our logs, there have been hacker attempts to get into our webconfig file and attempts to break into our site using previous MS security flaws. None of them were successful... glad to see you are applying all patches in a timely fashion. Keep up the good work"
- W. Manasra

"Thank you for the quick response. You guys have excellent service!!"
- B. Leckett

"Wow ! If you guys aren't voted the best hosting service then the voting is rigged! You guys rock."
- G. Obleshchuk

"I really appreciate you all's promptness in supporting your web-hosting servers. This has really made a difference for me. Thanks."
- J. Andrews

"I just wanted to say that you guys do an GREAT JOB! I have used several hosting companies in the past and none of them compare to DiscountASP.NET. The support team is phenomenal!. is the only company for me."
- C. Harker

"Looks like it's working a treat! Before I sign off just want to say one thing - I've had quite a few changes and odd requests since opening taking up your hosting package just before Xmas and all contact with DiscountASP.NET has been professional, courteous and extremely helpful.... please pass on my appreciation and compliments to everyone there!"
- M. Waugaman

"Thanks for the information and again want to congratulate you for the high quality support service you give. You have a ISO 9001 Service Quality!"
- A. Vazquez

"Just wanted to say you guys are awesome and thanks a lot. I'm new to all these features so playing around. I converted from [competitor] and am already much more pleased... It took me 3 days just to get an AUTORESPONSE from their customer service... Thanks again."
- J. Lomeli

"This feedback is for the Support team. Thanks for your prompt and technical expertise for the past requests that I have made in regards to my web site. You guys are a rare breed. I believe that this is the best hosting service that I have had in the past 3 years. Thanks in advance for prompt help and committment to customer service. If CRM had a name, it would be www.DiscountASP.NET."
- A. O. Gunter

"Am very happy with having [my website] on your servers, just wanted to let you know. It's a great relief to wake up and know the site's there.... May also be moving another site... Thank you very much for being there."
- A. Allen

"I've just registered with you and I just want to say thank you! I've tried many other hosting companies claiming they fully support and found they didn't. I've found you to be the only one so far to offer everything I require, I only wish I had come to you sooner."
- P. Pleming

"Thank you, everything works great! I have been looking for a good webhost for ASP.NET for quite some time, and I must say that your company is by far the best I have ever been with. Your tech support is great... Have a great day!."
- C. Shaltry

"Just a thanks to let you know that I think you are doing a great job! I'm very satisfied with your service and will highly recommend it."
- N. McCamy

"You guys are amazing... thank you very much for such a speedy reply..."
- R. Liska

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"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! All appears to be working as expected from this end. I am extremely happy with your service and once again look forward to many years of business and referring clients."
- Anthony

"Thank you for the quick response. I am a new customer. I am very impressed. I am going to move the rest of my domains over here shortly."
- D. Sauer

"Thanks... that was the smoothest transition from one ISP to another that I think I have ever experienced. The setting up of the site space was fast... and I have to say that my site seems to be running faster than it used to be... so thanks again... :)"
- J. D.

"I noticed that you had setup my new account, so I uploaded a very simple .NET service that I compiled with VS .NET 2003 in C++ to a .dll and a .asmx file to my account putting the .dll in the bin and the .asmx file in my root dir. By golly it works perfectly. That doesn't seem like much to most people but to me it's very important because that's why I signed up with a web hoster like you who advertises .NET technology: I want to learn all about it and so I can now do that thanks to you folks. Thanks very much. I'm one happy customer!"
- C. Disdero

"Wow! I'm very impressed. I just signed up another client on your service this week and will continue to bring you business in the future. I am expecting at least one more in the next 30 days. Keep up the great work!"
- C. L. Davis

"Thank you for your quick reply. I'll anyways switch my web site to DiscountASP.NET because I'm very impressed about the outstanding work you guys are doing. And the price is VERY reasonable in the first place. Thanks for everything and I look forward switching to you guys in the very near future. Cheers."
- Jakbo

"Ah! Nice! Fast thinking! You guys are great!"
- John F.

"Thank you for your almost immediate reply. You guys are the best. I've dealt with many hosting companies and you are by far the most customer-oriented group around. I appreciate the level of attention and personal service you give. I will never host clients anywhere else."
- M. Coates

"You have been very prompt and courteous and I'm glad you take this seriously.... It's nice to feel like there is someone there that pays attention to our needs. Thanks again."
- M. Schramm

"Thank you very much. Your company so far has been superb on quick replies to any of my questions and concerns and I would like to commend you for that. Again, I thank you."
- C. Wise

"WOW! Just one word, WOW! I signed up for your services less than an hour ago and I'm simply blown away by how fast an infrastructure I've found. I signed up, changed DNS with Network Solutions, and created four web applications, 2 mail forwards and two POP addresses in under an hour! The uploading and recompiling of the .NET applications is one of the quickest and smoothest I've seen. DNS has resolved as well! Great job and I look forward to many years of service."
- A. Moquette

"Thanks for your quick response. I have had my site hosted by DiscountASP.NET since May, and have been very satisfied with your service. But the speed and clarity with which you responded to my question is very impressive."
- D. Foster

"I would like to say that is joy to do business with a company such as yours. Everyone is a topnotch pro, and the responsivness surpasses anything I've seen in a long time. You and your entire team is to be commended. Keep up the good work."
- K. Lougnot

"I just wanted to say thank you for taking note for suggested components such as the rich text box, ssl and sub-domains. I'm sure I wasn't the only one that wanted these features, but thank you all the same. And also thank you for the increased space and bandwidth... I will make sure I will make use of them all. DisountASP.NET has done an outstanding job! Have a great day. :)"
- A. Cuevas

"Your tech is incredibly stable and you constantly surprise me with new options. I love it! The difference is night and day since we switched to your services. The quality of your services has been excellent and a noted difference from our previous server providers."
- J. Marker

"Great job!!! This code makes so much sense. I'm really impressed with your service and support. Thanks very much."
- A.D.

"You have just saved my professional reputation. I recently moved to ASP.NET as my dev platform of choice and have found it really exciting. I wish the same could be said of the UK-based hosts that I've tried. Several "offer" support for the framework, but in reality have yet to grasp the basics. I've had trouble with them not supporting the compiled code, wiring the machine.config with so many unoverridables so as to make most configuration options unworkable (in particular forms authentication!), non-visual access to MS SQL backend (scripting everything is so tiresome), and one who refused to support stored procedures!

In just 10mins (yes 10mins!), I have registered with you, uploaded my site through VS.NET, and found it live and working at the temporary URL as promised. I'm looking forward to domain registration and being able to use Enterprise Mgr tomorrow to setup my database. A million thanks and keep up the good work. Yours in amazement."
- I. Lowry

"I just transferred one of my client’s web sites to your server, and when I accessed it for the first time I was amazed. I had to check the URL to make sure I wasn’t inadvertently accessing a local copy of the site, it was running and loading that fast! I’ll be transferring all my business to your service. Thanks. Keep up the good work guys. It’s so hard to find a company that gets the job done this well. Your tech/customer support has gotten back to me much faster than any other company in any industry."
- I. Drake

"I have just recently swapped to your servers and wanted to say something. WOW. I had been with the same hosting service for the past three years and run my business from my web site. So uptime, performance and features are important to me, in fact my business depends on it. I never thought I would find a hosting service at a great price that offers as many feature and whose performance is better that my old site. I have. In addition to that it seems to me you run your support 24X7 (and you have people there 24X7!) This is a bonus to me, I live in Australia and when I notice things are wrong or have questions it's usually 2AM your time. I have lodged tickets and been pleasantly surprise to receive and answer and fix sometime within 30 minutes! Your ASP.NET service is great, it fast when up and running and really fast when it runs for the first time. Most other ASP.NET services I have tried take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes to start-up. Yours is almost all times less than 10 seconds. Thanks for a great service at a fantastic price."
- Greg O.

"I have my site hosted at DiscountASP.NET for the last 5 months. From my experience I can say that they deliver much more than what they promise. My site offers Engineering Software for Desktop design as well as offers them as web applications online. DiscountASP.NET turned to be of great help to me indeed. They constantly add new components (25-30 components right now)and recently doubled the disk space, bandwidth, email accounts for no extra charge. Their control panel is outstanding and their support and service is excellent."
- N. Patrudu

"The support team at Discount ASP.NET is fantastic. They have a very quick response time, even on Sundays! They help you with almost any answer even if it isn't their fault and will suggest solutions to your problems. .... This isn't a "You get what you pay for," service, you get much more than what you paid for. I am very satisfied with the services of Discount ASP.NET."
- M. Borinsky

"So far my experience with you guys has been extremely positive. From setup to support things have really worked out well."
- B. Pryor

"I just wanted to let you guys know that I think you are the best host out there! Amazing product, great features, good support, reasonable prices! Thanks for a job well done."
- M. Hartmann

"I have used a number of hosting companies since the early 80's and I've got to tell you that DiscountASP.NET has been the easiest transition I have ever made between hosting companies. Your Control Panel is the most advanced I have ever seen. Your online and email help is the best I've experienced. I'm the Webmaster for a 4-year college and have webmastered a good number of sites through the years. I'm just starting to learn VB.NET and ASP.NET and I know I'm with the right hosting company now. I will be transferring other sites to DiscountASP.NET. Thank you!"
- R. W. Schmitt

"Can i just say this? You guys are the bomb. I wish my agency's support staff was as responsive and knowledgeable as DiscountASP.NET. I signed up with you guys in July and have not been disappointed, not one bit."
- A. Williams

"I just wanted to send you this email to let you know how impressed I was with the quick addition of our hosting account and registration of our domain. Your control panel is the best I have seen and I will be moving over 3 of my other hosting accounts as a result. Keep up the good work."
- S. Rosenfarb

"Thanks, and let me say you guys have and excellent response time... Not only that but I like you fellas so much that you are now hosting two of my websites and will probably be hosting a third before the end of the year. I also recommend you to all my friends whose sites are coming up for renewal."
- C. H. Jones

"It sure is refreshing to have a diligent, competent and responsive technical support!"
- J. Washburn

"I think you're providing an excellent support, certainly I would love to spread your service to people I know."
- V. Trinh

"I just want to congratulate you for the excellent support service. I'm going to contact all friends I have to tell them to sign up with you."
- A. Vazquez

"I was looking for a good host with a reasonable price, and after a extensive research I find that DiscountASP.NET meet all my requirements. A EXCELENT ASP.NET-BASED HOST, AFFORDABLE PRICE, THE BEST SERVICE AND SUPPORT. I will recomend to all my clients. This Guys doing a Great Work!!"
- MO

"I have just opened an account... and I must say that your hosting company has been the most painless I have been to. The Control Panel is really nice and the performance is big jump from the last hosting company I used. Thanks, and keep up the good work."
- C. Harrison

"You guys rock! Your tech is incredibly stable and you constantly surprise me with new options. I love it! The difference is night and day since we switched to your services."
- J. Harker

"I have recommended DiscountASP.NET to several friends and clients based on the quick & helpful responses I get from your support team. There are plenty of inexpensive hosting companies out there; very few offer this kind of high-quality, professional support."
- D. R. Steen

"Thanks a lot. Also for the speed with which you reacted on my question."
- S. Lemstra

"Holy Cow! You guys are awesome. That's the fastest service i've ever had from an ISP, period! Way to go DiscountASP.NET!"
- Mike

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- C. L. Martini

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